Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Calvin and baseball

One day last week it was Calvin's day to vacuum upstairs. I heard the vacuum going and went to check on him. What I saw was the vacuum, standing in the upright position, was turned on and just sitting in the middle of the room. Calvin was doing handstands and dancing around the room. Realizing that he was caught, he confessed that he thought I would think he was vacuuming because I heard it turned on. Now the jig is up and I ALWAYS check on him during his vacuuming. 

This week I was asking Calvin to pick something up off of the floor. I told him that I would prefer that he do it instead of me bending over to pick it up. His eyes got real big, and he asked: "Mama, are you even able to bend over??" I assured him that yes, I am perfectly able to bend over and pick things up. Ha ha. 

This is Calvin's first year playing baseball. He is like a blank slate, but is so eager to learn the rules. Some of the boys on his team have made fun of him for his lack of fielding skills. He also told me that during the games that his coach will yell out things, but that he has no clue what they mean. 

Our friend, Tim, took Calvin out last night to learn some baseball basics with his two boys. Calvin had a blast and came home with all kinds of knowledge about baseball. He has a game tonight and I hope that he will feel more confident.

I am so thankful for people who volunteer their time to help my kids learn. How blessed we are. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Iryna's IEP for middle school

This week I met with Iryna's teacher to update her IEP before she goes to 6th grade next year. I met her new 6th grade teacher and we discussed ALL of Iryna's behaviors, obsessions, and interests. I found myself becoming more stressed as we laid out what is my daughter, Iryna. It's no secret that Iryna has been my most challenging child thus far. I love her, but there are many instances where I struggle being with her. Looking back, I can definitely see her progress up until now. I am excited to see her grow into a young lady. And I hope that I am becoming a more patient and loving mama because of her.

I have had two people compliment me in the last hour.#rockingtheyellow

Temple trip with Rachel. What a beautiful day!

After speaking with my close friend, Valerie, I got a red tub and filled it with all of Iryna's Mario-related items. After she finishes her chores, she is able to spend 30 minutes with Mario. After that, it gets put away. No more hours spent staring at Mario!

Waiting for the bus. #calvinka #squishy #lovemyboy #russianprince

Listening to a general conference talk while coloring. 

I visited Keith at his school today. This girl is OBSESSED with Keith. It is hilarious!

I sure love my boy! I can't believe he will be in middle school in the fall. #wheredoesthetimego?

Calvin and Silas are breaking these bones in half for our pup, Maggie. Who knew this was so much fun??

Sunday, April 03, 2016

General Conference Weekend

I love general conference weekend. I look forward to it every six months. On Saturday, we stayed home and listened in via byuradio and I made ham potato broccoli soup for dinner. Elyzabeth came over and colored with Anna. 

Today we went over to Reid and Rachel's house and watched general conference with them. I made holiday mashed potatoes, barbecued pork, and banana cream mini cheesecakes. We had a GREAT time!

Silas had fun playing with all the toy animals. 😀

I loved listening to all of the talks. I am eager to listen to them again, starting tomorrow. 

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Spring Break, the circus, a promotion

Spring break was really relaxed this year. We mostly did some cleaning around the house in the morning and then played all afternoon. But I was lucky enough to score some free circus tickets - so we went to the circus! I brought Katie along with me for moral support. We had a great time! Well, Anna let me know that the circus isn't for teens...but the rest of us had fun. 

Iryna and I got our seeds all planted on the patio. We planted zucchini, cucumbers, anaheim peppers, mint, green onion, honeydew, cantaloupe, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, carrots, green beans, and baby spinach. Super excited to see how they do!

I took these two cuties on an errand and we stopped at Taco Bell for some tacos. We never eat out so this was a HUGE treat!

Maggie enjoyed all the relaxation. Of course, this is not different from her usual schedule. Ha ha.

And our BIG NEWS is that Tyler pinned on Major! Congratulations to him! We are so proud of you, honey!

Friday, April 01, 2016

Happy Easter!

A few years ago, I signed a contract with the Easter Bunny to have him bring Easter baskets the day before Easter Sunday. This allows for us to have fun with eggs and bunnies on Saturday and frees up Easter Sunday to focus on the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Happy Easter! 💐

This boy LOVES carrot cake. He is only too happy to finish it off today.‪#‎wehaveawinner‬ ‪#‎calvinka‬

Our delectable Easter Dinner.

Got my baking on for Easter Dinner tomorrow. ‪#‎glutenfree‬ ‪#‎happyeaster

Had a girl's night in to watch the women's broadcast.

Anna and her best friend, Elyzabeth, coloring while listening to the women's broadcast.

I followed my sister's example and tried to make the table festive. 

Amie and her wonderful daughter, Morgan, joined us for Easter! They came to church to hear me sing CONSIDER THE LILIES, then had dinner with us. I love this family!

Just thinking about these words makes me smile. I am so thankful for my Savior and His sacrifice for me. 

One more picture of that carrot cake. #yum

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day! We had our traditional Lucky Charms cereal with green milk. I put skittles in their lunch boxes. Everyone wore green today!

I met my friends, Amie and Nichole, to eat lunch at an Irish Pub for lunch. I had banger and mash and it was tasty!

We had baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and rainbow jello for dinner. It was a fun day! I love celebrating my Irish heritage!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It takes practice


I have been teaching Calvin to play the piano since we moved away from his other piano teacher. It has been a blessing for both of us. He is named after Grandpa Bob and I tell him that piano is part of a connection that they share. 

I have been struggling with the time change - daylight savings is TOUGH! 

Iryna recently went to see a GI specialist. It seems that all of my adopted children struggle with constipation. I find this hard to believe when I make a concerted effort to have plenty of fiber through fruits, vegetables, and beans, in their diet. The GI specialist said that some people struggle no matter how much fiber they consume.