Friday, October 09, 2015

General Conference Weekend

I love this pup. Maggie is certainly a member of this family.

Silas loves to take pictures with his mama.

My awesome friend, Amie, came to visit me. I think she was afraid that I didn't have enough Dr Pepper in my house. 

It's October, so time for a Halloween pedicure!

My pedicure pals: Darcy and her daughter, Jade. 

Calvin was nominated for Student of the Month in his class for September! He is a model student, according to his teacher, Ms C.

I don't mind afternoon snuggles with my pup.

Tyler is such a great daddy to our children.

We are so blessed.

Buttermilk pie! We decided to do a PIEFEST for General Conference this year! I made several pies: buttermilk, apple, pumpkin (2), banana cream (2), & chocolate.

Apple (Anna's favorite)


We spent Sunday with Reid and Rachel - we had a great time coloring and listening to the Prophet and general authorities.

We had a great time listening to General Conference. I love this time of year. 

Tyler had the day off last week and he chose to teach Anna US History that day. He loves this country and was very excited to have the opportunity to teach her. 

Anna snuggled up with Maggie. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hope Rising Retreat 2015

I had the pleasure and fantastic opportunity of hosting one of the last of Hope Rising's retreats. The location was in Virginia Beach and we had 10 ladies in attendance. I didn't know any of the women before in person, but we all became close during the retreat. We had classes on teenagers and things we are doing right as parents. We spent loads of time chatting about every topic under the sun. I color analyzed all the women. We ate lots of tasty food and went out to eat one night.

It was wonderful being right on the beach and seeing the ocean waves rolling in. Even though Hope Rising is closing its doors, I hope to be able to maintain the relationships that I have gained through Hope Rising. And, who knows? Maybe one day I will host another retreat in the future. Here are some photos from this past week.

I miss this view...

Lots of sand was blowing towards the house. It was super windy!

Color analyzing Beth.

Personality test for color analysis. Joy, Deirdre, Rebekah

Beautiful Beth in her spring yellow.

Until next time!