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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Genealogy, I am doing it

Tyler didn't have to work until noon today, so we made some waffles for breakfast and enjoyed time together as a family. Last night Tyler installed the pot rack that I bought. It looks so fabulous in the kitchen! I'm way excited about the storage it will open up for other things. :) Since Tyler was home, I went on my walk while he tended Anna. Halfway through my walk it started to least it wasn't cold. It's 60 degrees here today which is wild because in OK it snowed! You would think that OH & OK were switching up weather conditions!

After Anna got on the bus, I went to the family history library. I arrived at 1:30 and left at 5:40! I was so interested in what I was doing--the time just FLEW by! I can tell that I will really enjoy going each week. Aside from that, not much is going on today. It's kind of nice, looking in my planner and not seeing anything scheduled for tonight. ahhh.

Lately, we have really been focusing on the fact that we want more children. We have been praying for more children everyday. Poor little Anna. Yesterday, she started crying...and asking for some brothers and sisters. It broke my heart and I cried too. I pray that we will be blessed with more children...and soon.

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Melisa said...

Yeah, the weather was a mess out here! It is beautiful though. I can't recall a time I've seen so much snow in OK, but I've only been here 7 years. This is NM snow! hahaha

I have learned to love empty days as well. It can just be so nice to not have things to do or places to go!

Have you gotten any test results back from the fertility doc? Just waiting to start the meds? Keep me posted!