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Friday, December 22, 2006

Social Butterflies

Anna is on Christmas vacation now and her first day wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. We called Sariah and invited her over to play for a couple of hours. They got along fairly well despite a few little snits.

I did some more holiday baking today...I'm sure you're wondering how much baking I could possibly do in one month? PLENTY would be my answer. ;) I did some baking and then made some dinner rolls for a dinner party that we were invited to this evening--a coworker of Tyler's invited us over with a few other guests-including some kids that Anna played with non-stop for the two hours we were there. We had a nice time. Then we were invited over to watch the BYU football game at a friend's house-again, there were some kids for Anna to play with. That was also fun. I brought along my cross stitch so I could get some more done...

In case you are wondering how I was able to FINALLY post some pictures---we got high speed internet! HOORAY!!! I am thrilled to have it. :)

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