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Monday, January 29, 2007


That's right, I've been packaging, weighing items, printing address labels, shredding paper for cushion, ALL DAY LONG!!! I hope it will all be over soon, I would like to return to my former daily routine...

It's COLD COLD COLD in my house. I'm not sure what can be done, though. Tyler suggested that perhaps we should put more insulation up in the attic...but I don't see how that will help us when we're downstairs during the day...perhaps we will buy another space heater, I'm not sure.

Anna was "special friend" today at school. That means she gets to choose songs to sing and choose which toy she wants first and pass out the nametages. She LOVES being "special friend." Perhaps I should organize a similar type thing at home...would "special friends" do laundry???

We had FHE on our 72 hour kits. They are almost completely done. We only lack a few items. We put one in the honda & the another in Tyler's truck, then the last one is in the closet. Next week we'll work on fire safety, I think.

Well, it's now time for bed. Tyler & I had lofty dreams of watching a movie tonight...not going to happen. I hope it will soon, we need more time just relaxing. I think I try to fill our free time with busy activities when I should just sit back and just relax with him...I need to do better about that.

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Anonymous said...

Just an FYI. Since my husband use to be a builder and still works for a builder, I asked him about your cold house issue. He said that adding more insilation to the attic would only help if there is not enough there. How do you know?? If you have the blown kind(looks loose, not in a roll) it should be at least 13 inches thick. If you have the rolled kind it should have an "R" value of 30. You should be able to lift it up and it should say the value on it. Hope this help.