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Saturday, January 20, 2007


I love new clothes, don't you? I ordered some online from Lane Bryant. I got 3 sweaters, a black skirt, some knee highs, and some way comfortable pajamas! I am excited about having more clothes-I don't have very many clothes. Tyler & Anna both have more than I do! I just can't seem to find shirts or pants that are LONG ENOUGH! I enjoy being tall, but it definitely poses some challenges when shopping for clothes.

Anna's friend Leia came over to play this morning. Then her mom, Sarah, came over and we chatted a while. It's so nice to have friends. I think the whole idea of having friends is good. I like it.

Our home teachers came over and they brought Christina to play with Anna-they've been playing the last 3 hours and going strong. Christina is 9 years-old, but enjoys playing dolls and such with Anna. I really like it when they play together because there are NEVER any issues. There's no competition about certain toys or anything...pure bliss for me!

Tonight I'm going to Shannon's house to watch the rest of Martin Chuzzlewit (spelling?). I really enjoy those English films. :)

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Melisa said...

I sure love ya. Glad you are learning that is important to take care of yourself too! You deserve new clothes! Go take a friend and get a pedicure or something! You deserve to be spoiled! Take care and know that I love ya.