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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Protein Packed Brownies

Not much to report about today...Anna & I had some fun with games and such this morning. She went to school and I relaxed while she was in school, doing some things on the computer, some cleaning in the kitchen. I decided that it would probably be good to have one cleaning project per day, if possible. Like tomorrow I will address the laundry chaos that I have been ignoring for a week...

Tyler went grocery shopping for me after work--VERY NICE! He's so good to me. :)

For dinner I made a crockpot pizza casserole, or "Pizza Pasta" which was easier to explain to Anna. :) Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Pizza Pasta...

Fertility Update: I called the office today because my period is still here...I think that the menstrual pad companies won't worry about lack of sales while I'm still on my period...*sigh* So the doctor upped my estrogen, or premarin, to double what I'm now taking. I hope that will help. I also have an appointment with the infertility specialist next week to go over all the test results from the bloodwork & urine sample from last, stay tuned for that!

I was needing something sweet today, so I got a recipe from my friend, Sarah, for honey brownies. So, the only sugar was from the honey, however I thought I UP the protein content, so I added a scoop of chocolate whey protein to it. I was a bit worried when it wasn't finished baking on time, but after they cooled down, I put some whipped cream (real whipping cream whipped, no sugar added, inspired from Sarah from England where they don't add sugar to their whipped cream) on the brownies, and they were pretty tasty! :) I've commited myself to not go overboard on the brownies, so far, so good! I like to call them Protein Packed Brownies!

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