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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We awoke to snow this morning, glorious white snowflakes falling from Heaven up above. It was a delight to see.

Anna & I had a pleasant morning-we ate breakfast, played games and read a few articles out of the "Friend" magazine that my church puts out for children to read. Then we sang some songs, and watched LAMBERT together. Lambert is a cute disney cartoon-I highly recommend it. :) While Anna was in school, I busily did some packaging of several items I sold on eBay this past week. I shipped them out today-there are still a few unpaid items that will be shipped once they have paid. To be honest, I enjoy the "secretarial duties" that accompany selling items on eBay. It's fun to me. :)

Tyler left for school and so Anna & I decided to get out & about to deliver some Amish Friendship Bread Starter to both Sarah & Shannon. We had to take Tyler's truck because the Honda gets better gas mileage-so Tyler takes it to Columbus. We were driving along and I even had the thought that the truck was functioning quite well-despite some troubles that Tyler said he had been having with it. After an hour long visit with Shannon, Anna & I buckled ourselves in the truck...but the truck wouldn't start. At this point it was dark outside, and I hadn't brought my coat with me. I went back inside to ask Shannon if she could jump the truck--long story short, we couldn't get it started, so she drove us home. I'm glad it happened the way it had-if Tyler had taken the truck to Columbus, he wouldn't have been able to make it back. :)

I called the nurse and she scheduled an appointment with me next monday. She said it "wasn't good" that my period was still on-going. So, will keep you posted on what happens next week!


Melisa said...

Hmmm, what is wrong with that truck of yours? I'm impressed it has lasted this long to be honest. Does this mean you get a new one? ;)

How is the MBA going? Is he enjoying it at all? I'll bet the commute isn't that fun.

The nurse said it is "not good" and then makes you wait until Monday to go in?! That is not cool. Be sure to keep us posted!

Queen Mother said...

Sorry about the truck-that stinks! Especially in the weather you're having.

About the nurse-no, it's not usual for your period to be going on this long. They're going to have to stop it somehow..unfortunately they might you on the pill for a month or so. But that's GOOD; it'll get you regulated again.

Be sure to ask for cycle day 3 labs when you start your real period: FSH, Estradiol, LH. You might want to also get a fasting glucose to check for insulin resistance. <--if you have PCOS, you might have that, and oftentimes some Metformin will help you ovulate again!!

Anonymous said...

Hey how come I've never gotten any Amish Friendship Bread Starter?