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Thursday, February 08, 2007

1001 Ways To Be Romantic

Have you read this book? I have read most of it. (yes a book that I have actually read out of!!) It has so many good ideas on how to be romantic. I personally do not think it is fair for women to expect men to be romantic and shower them with romance--and then not feel they should do the same for men. There's no reason why women can't share the romance--especially since we already know how we want it to be done, whereas our poor husbands don't really know where to begin...why not show them by example?? Well, if you're short on ideas--find this book, or something like it, and you'll be set for "the most romantic day of the year!"
Well, I may feel very romantic, but my mortal shell is still quite sick. I may have to seek professional help to overcome this one...although I am hoping that my natural methods will pull me through as in times past.
Do you ever say things that are completely misunderstood? I have come to the conclusion that I am a lousy communicator. I do not communicate very well. It is hard for me to convert my thoughts/feelings/emotions into words. And when I attempt to do it--many times they are not received in the way that I had intended them to be understood. I feel like Moses...I need a spokesperson! Where's my "Aaron?" Anyhow, about once year I get in a situation where I have not been understood and someone has been upset about it. Yes, I know that it's only february of this year, but it's already happened, so I guess I shouldn't talk to anyone until next january to keep my once a year record a reality. *sigh*
Around 11am Anna began asking me when we were going to make lunch. I told her that it was "only 11" and that her bus wouldn't be here for another 1 1/2 hours. So, around 11:45am, I began making homemade pizza. At 12:25pm, the bus arrived. But guess what--the pizza wasn't even done baking. GRRR! I should start listening to my daughter more...poor girl got a granola bar as she raced to the bus. Bad mommy...

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