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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hi there. It's about that time of year again...V A L E N T I N E' S D A Y. For those of you who want some different ideas, I have found the following link to be useful:

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for any shady ideas found therein, especially topics like "steamy sex," etc. Use caution!

I'm still sick today, but able to do some things. However, once I do one chore--I have to sit down and relax because I don't have much energy. I did some cleaning up on the computer, watched Anna play trouble & chutes and ladders. Anna was really good for me today. Poor girl didn't have school today either, so she was home...again, with her sick Mama. She was very obedient and played quietly for the majority of the day.

My sweet, wonderful, thoughtful husband went grocery shopping for me after work. He went to SAMS CLUB, bought what I needed, then came home & took Anna out to Wal-mart to spend her "tooth money." Any guesses on what my baby bought with her $1?? At first she told her Daddy that she wanted candy. Then she said, "Candy isn't good for the body. Hmm, I want chippies instead." Yeah, pizza flavored pringles potato chips, those ARE good for the body.

So not only did Tyler go shopping for me at two stores--he gave me some alone time by taking Anna to the last store. He's so good to me. He's been so kind and helpful. :)

Fertility update: Okay, so remember how my period ended this past monday??? Not so, as of today, my first day off of estrogen. I had some bleeding ths morning-so I called into the nurse hotline. Dr. Groll said to continue on the progesterone and not take the estrogen. Of course, since this morning I haven't bled anymore...

I recently bought the sheet music for: Comptine d’un autre été, by Yann Tiersen. It was the music playing on the PIANO youtube I listed last week. The music is so beautiful, I'm trying to play it...I haven't played this style of music since, 10 years ago...yikes.

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Nina said...

I love that Anna quote! That is so cute. I told it to my office mate too. Like me feeling good for not getting a soda with my burger :)