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Friday, February 16, 2007

Make-Up Day AFTER Valentine's Day

Yes, more trouble on the Valentine's Day history for the Pierce Family. Tyler & I came to the conclusion that we're each very good at shopping for what we would like...but not very good at shopping for the other person. He only wants practical gifts that are useful and lasting. I like to have the fleeting but enjoyed flowers & chocolates. Well, this year I bought him flowers & chocolate. If he would have bought them for ME instead, all would have been well. Nevertheless, we have finally come to the conclusion that we should openly discuss our expectations for any holidays that include gift giving. You're probably thinking that this should have been done some time ago--since we've been married for over 6 years now. And you would be RIGHT! We should have, but somehow just kind of hoped it would all work out every year...but better late than not at all! Stay tuned for Feb 14 2008...we'll see if our little talk today proved a lasting effect on future Valentine's Days...

Tyler went to the church today to do some Clerk-related stuff, then went skating at a local indoor skate park. Anna & I went grocery shopping at the commissary. They had huge pork roasts for $5! They're normally about $10 at wal-mart. Yeah, I was excited...I bought 3. I've heard that pork roasts make great barbecue sandwiches...we'll have to give it a try. :o)

Today I discovered that not only do I have a blog--but I also have one on myspace. Apparently I made an account sometime last year...then forgot about it. If you are doubly interested in the life of Jill, feel free to add this site to your favorites:

I will attempt to write in both blogs---and not the same thing in both, obviously! :o)

I've been on a Bollywood binge...I rented some movies from Netflix. (2 other ones with Sharukh Khan, Melisa!-by the way, would you like to see them? I thought I might send them your way and then you could mail them in for me??) Anyhow, Bollywood is the Hollywood of India. I've enjoyed the movies that I've seen thus far: Main Hoon Na, Veer Zaara, Devdas, Bride & Prejudice, and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. I have yet to watch: Kal Ho Naa Ho: Tomorrow May Never Come. That's on my list of to-dos for tomorrow. ;)


Melisa said...

I think Brad and I have had that conversation 5 times since we've been married. I'm glad you guys got it figured out!

Ohh Bollywood. There is a place on Ebay that sells them for 9.99 and no shipping. I just bought Kal Ho Naa Ho for my mom. One of my favs. I've had Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge on my list to watch forever. How'd you like it?

Jill said...

So you've already seen Kal Ho Naa Ho? If so, then I'll just send Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge on to you...if you like. Netflix has TONS of bollywood's like a child in a candy store!!!