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Friday, April 20, 2007

Carriage Hill

We went to the YMCA, I did 45 on E & 20 on LW. Good workout. I talked with Jenn which was really fun since I don't see her very often. We were the only two there out of our typical workout group. After the workout, Anna & I went to Carriage Hill--a farm that still functions like it did in the 1800s. It was really fun to see all the animals and the weather was GORGEOUS. I have missed the wonderful sunshine that we had today and the temperature outside was perfect for walking around. We even walked along a trail and enjoyed mother nature. I realized that I don't hate hiking--unless it's uphill and you're carrying a 20lb backpack. My DH loves to hike and he recently asked me if I would ever be interested in hiking to which I replied "No, thank you." However, after walking along this trail today I realized that I do like being in nature and going on walks--just not hiking up some huge hill. Do you hike?

I noticed that I have a fever blister on my upper lip. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of them. I typically get them when I'm stressed or when I have a virus. I'm not sure which it is. I have a hard time assessing whether I'm stressed out or not. It's something that I need to work on.

Anna went over to Laura's house today. They had a great time playing while I made snickerdoodles & showered. I took some cookies over when I picked her up & chatted with Jenn for an hour & a half! She's so easy to talk with. :)

I came home & found DH mowing the lawn. Anna took advantage of the beautiful weather outside while I did some major cooking/baking inside. I made chicken broccoli jumbo shells, italian cheese bread, corn, & homemade cherry pie. Here's a picture of the pie, it's so pretty!

We had a family come over for dinner and we enjoyed eating & chatting. My DH went out & played on the guy's unicycle while trying to juggle. That's some entertainment, let me tell you!


Trena said...

My grandmother swears by zinc lozenges (you can buy them at Wal-Mart--should be in the same section as the vitamins) for clearing up a fever blister. I haven't had one for a few years, but I definitely remember how miserable they can be. You might also try Burt's Bees lip stuff on it--the last time I had one and it was driving me crazy, the Burt's Bees stuff really seemed to help. Hope it disappears soon!

Melisa said...

The farm sounds fun. But I am soooo glad I didn't live back then!

Hiking? Love it! Minus the 20 lb back packs. A nice shaded walk up a beautiful scenic trail leading to a body of water to play in? Perfect.

Snickerdoodles? Cheese bread? Chicken and broccoli shells? CHERRY PIE?! Are you reading my mind. Those are some of my favorite things! (Cue Julie Andrews music). So why wasn't I invited to this feast? hahaha

And where are the juggling pictures/video? That would be a hoot to see.

jessica said...

We had fun!! Your pie was beautiful :)

Maybe next time we should get a game of croquet going with the unicycling and juggling!! I could nurse a baby and do that at the same time, yeah?