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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Room For Improvement

Read below if you're comfortable reading about sickness, etc.

So this morning I wake up and I'm feeling M I S E R A B L E! Yeah, I grabbed the trashcan and headed the restroom to wait the inevitable diarrhea on both ends. NOT FUN. The rest of the morning I sat around looking quite pitiful. I just can't seem to pull it together when I'm in pain...I have a VERY low pain tolerance. After Anna went to school I took a nap on the couch to wake up 30 minutes later to a lovely call from a telemarketer--no, I didn't answer--but it woke me up from a much needed nap. Once I awoke my head was POUNDING...I greatly dislike those types of headaches (not that there's any that I especially enjoy). I laid on the couch feeling very sorry for myself and felt so terrible that I thought death couldn't come fast enough--yeah, I'm talking REALLY SICK. I made several trips to the bathroom with diarrhea--but thankfully I didn't throw up--I think that's worse than diarrhea. Then suddenly I remember a remedy for upset tummy and all that happens with it: Raspberry tea. I made some and within 15 minutes my upset tummy was completely G O N E! I love herbs, they are amazing. I only wish I'd thought of it at 7am this morning instead of 2pm...oh well. So I started feeling better and began wishing that I wouldn't have been such a baby about being sick--the thought even came to me while I felt terrible--be of good cheer during trials, tribulations, & afflictions....but I COULDN'T be of good cheer and I felt bad about that. I even prayed silently to my Heavenly Father and confessed that I didn't pass that trial very cheerfully...almost immediately the thought came back to me, "Yes, there's room for improvement here." I laughed out loud---I'm glad God has a sense of humor. :) I'm always amazed at how "real" prayer is--there's really someone there who will communicate with us and wants to talk with us...a wonderful blessing.

So that was the majority of my day...once my tummy was feeling better I determined that I needed some SEINFELD, so I watched a few episodes...I love the silly humor-it really helped me laugh and feel better about everything...this is the difficult week during the whole infertility process. Tomorrow is 4 weeks from my last period--I'm scheduled for a pregnancy test on monday...every single pain/feeling below my waist has my attention: is that my period? It's really emotionally draining waiting for your period to come but hoping that it won't come...sometimes I pray that if my period is going to come--let it come NOW so I have less days that I'm thinking I could be pregnant...*sigh* Once this week is over, I do a lot better about the whole infertility thing. Just a few more days to go!

Tonight was Anna's date with her daddy. Tyler took her to her swimming lessons at the YMCA. Anna's in the GUPPY class--isn't that a cute name? She is just loving it and I'm happy that she'll be learning how to swim, because I want to have a REAL SWIMMING POOL know, the underground pools--not the cheap above ground wal-mart brand pool...

I made a nice dinner tonight--when I was feeling better...which incidentally, every time that I'm sick or recovering from a surgery, once I feel any better I start cleaning/cooking/whatever...and it always backfires on me because I should be taking it easy. I think it's just a WOMAN thing, because most women I know are the same way. We like getting things DONE, it's very rewarding--even if we feel terrible. I'm not very good at relaxing when there are things to be done...So I made meatloaf, crockpot macaroni & cheese, & corn on the cob. And then I was exhausted! But that didn't stop me from doing some cleaning in the C2 room....

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