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Friday, April 06, 2007

x + y = bad combination

Since we had playgroup at 10:30am, we had to make an early dash to the YMCA for my workout--I did 45 consecutive minutes on the elliptical, then we dashed home to shower and get ready then dashed to the church for the Playgroup Easter Egg Hunt. We were to bring 10 plastic eggs and fill them with candy for the big hunt. The children could hardly contain their excitement. Here's the pre-hunt photo:

The instructions were given and then off they went, eagerly grabbing their eggs. Here's the post egg hunting photo:

At this point, everything was just fine--kids were smiling, parents were proud of their child's ability to gather eggs...the world was right. Then kids began eating the candy inside the eggs...hello problems. I recall hearing more tantrums, more crying, more unhappy children throughout playgroup. I recognized it and have made this equation (Nina, are you proud of my mathematic ability??) x + y = bad combination. Any guesses on what "x" & "y" are? Candy + Children = bad combination. I had to take my daughter home early because of a huge fit she was having after she had stolen a car from Joseph and then she yelled at an adult---yeah, we left early. I wonder why we put our children in situations where candy is involved. Is it because of our fond childhood memories? What do rabbits and chocolate have in common anyway?

Anna & I went over to Sunnie's house to spend a few hours while a potential realtor came over. Her husband was out of town and she didn't want a guy in her home without someone else present. Completely understandable. So the kids played and we got to listen to this guy sell himself to her. I would hate that kind of job. I would be the best realtor for you because...I would be a terrible realtor.

Fertility update: She came. How dare she have come--I was hoping for success this month, but Aunt Flo came and ruined that hope/possibility for me. Well, there's always next month. I feel confident it won't be too long now...

Tonight was the Stake Easter Cantata. It went beautifully. I enjoyed singing with many other talented singers, including Mrs. Shannon who was at my side. We got the, um...highest seats in the house, didn't we, Shannon?? heh heh. It was middle school all over again...that's my seat...


Kathey said...

Hi Jill,

I really enjoyed the cantata. It was spectacular. Kirsten especially enjoyed sitting next to Anna. :-)

Love ya, Kathey

glittersmama said...

That's funny how crazy kids can be sometime. We ate lots of candy growing up, and I'm sure we got a little hyped up on sugar, but I don't think it was ever a big deal.