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Friday, May 25, 2007

Gimme some FISH

We realized that Tyler had the day off because monday is Memorial day. Yeah, so in the military if there is a holiday on a monday--the friday beforehand is declared a family day. So Tyler was home! HOORAY! I had a dream about doughnuts last night--of all things--and guess what my husband bought this morning? DOUGHNUTS! Isn't that crazy? I haven't eaten a doughnut in over a year...

We played some games together before Tyler worked on some homework. Angie brought her two boys over and they swam with Anna in the pool. It was a nice, relaxed afternoon.

We went over to Maria's house for dinner. She made fried Cod for us, salad, and rice--dominican republic style. It was SO GOOD. I've never had rice like that. She said she put olive oil in it...sabroso! We had a nice time with them. It's fun to have friends that you can eat and spend the whole evening with and relax. We all had a great time.

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Nina said...

what does sabroso mean?