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Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Feel Loved

It's amazing. I post on my blog and get maybe 1 comment, I ask for comments and they just pour in! I feel loved. Thank you!

Since yesterday I have had a dull pain in my lower abdomen. My husband has advised me to really take it easy, which is no small task for me. I enjoy getting things done, but you should all be proud of me---I really have been taking it easy today. So, we'll see if this relaxation equals some good news in the future. Just so you know, I am now on "the 2 week wait," until my period comes or a positive pregancy test comes. So 2 weeks from yesterday we should have some news...stay tuned until then. =)

Today my VT came over to see me. One of them has a 3 month-old baby. She's a sweet little girl, too. I didn't expect it when she handed the baby over for me to hold. I didn't know what I was feeling at the time, it was nice to see a sweet little girl but it was almost difficult for me since I don't have one of my own. Make any sense to anyone?? So, I tried to let it be a positive experience, especially since my VT had many years of infertility before this little miracle came her way, so I am definitely thrilled for her gift from Heavenly Father. I'm eager for my "gift" to come, too.

Yesterday I was a bit down and Tyler gave me a blessing. I'm so grateful for the Priesthood--it truly is the power of God. In the blessing it reiterated that I am not alone in my trial. It also said that Christ not only bore the sins of all the world, he bore the pains as well. I hadn't realized that. He has borne the pain that I am feeling and if I will turn my troubles over to him, he will help me. Well, I guess I really haven't done that before last night--but let me tell you, I prayed all my troubles to my Heavenly Father and guess what? I feel so much peace today. It's amazing. I think I was just trying to carry the heavy load by myself and now I know that it's impossible for me to carry all my burdens alone. What an experience it was for me. Good stuff.

I practiced the piano today. I'm trying to make myself "useful" in that area, meaning: I want to be able to at least play hymns in church, then I might graduate up to Janice Kapp Perryish style stuff...I don't see myself playing anything more difficult, though. Playing the piano is much scarier to me than singing in public. My hands sweat and I get quite nervous playing the piano in front of others...

I was hoping another netflix would arrive today--my little email from them said it would. But it didn't. Isn't that wrong? They shouldn't email me and say "your movie will arrive on thursday" and then it doesn't. Isn't there a law against that??? (Joey, help me out here)

For dinner I made homemade pizza. I love making pizza, I feel so domestic when I do. And tonight I put shaved ham and fresh pineapple chunks on it = YUM! I currently have a craving for something sweet but I'm trying to resist it...resist, resist!


Anonymous said...

OK, so I was going to leave a comment yesterday and never did. You are always so awsome at responding to posts and e-mails and I love it.
Isn't it great how one day we realize something like "I can ask for a blessing" and you feel so much better when you do. We are so blessed to have the priesthood in our lives and homes. Growing up without it I didn't know what I was missing, but now I rely on it. There have been times that I just felt I needed strenght (or sleep) and after a blessing I felt so refressed!! Anyway, I just wanted to say that great things happen to great people so you have something great on it's way to you. I hope that it doesn't wait to long and put you through to much more on it's way!! Remember there is no limit to the number of blessings you can get!!!

Kathey said...

Perhaps the "dull pain in my lower abdomen" since yesterday is a good sign. :-)

About what to say when someone says "how are you?" One man says he frequently puts on a big smile and says "I'm fabulous. How are you?" He always gets a smile in return and it makes him feel better even if he didn't feel fabulous to begin with. He said it was really fun.

Love, Kathey