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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

What did you do today? I woke up and quickly assembled my fantastic crock pot macaroni & cheese recipe. We played battleship and then hurried to get ready for the ward social. We dropped by Maria's house and borrowed her croquet set. Frank was sick today so she didn't go to the social. :( Maybe next time. It was my first time to play croquet, and even though I didn't have beginners luck--I still enjoyed it.

After the social, Laura came over to play. Here are some photos of the two cuties:

Aren't they so cute? Yeah, I think so. I think that girls know how to pose for the camera from their birth. Although, I struggle taking photos because of my bells palsy thing. However, I secretly desire the opportunity to work with a real photographer who can capture me the way I see myself in the mirror. I will look in the mirror and think, Wow, I look really good today. So I'll take a picture, doesn't look the same. Why is that?

We had Shannon & her family over for dinner tonight. We made foil dinners consisting of: ground beef, potatoes, corn, carrots, garlic salt, pepper, & butter. Y U M! Then we made s'mores because it's a necessary aspect of making a fire outside. What did you do for your Memorial Day holiday?


Kathey said...

Traditionally our ward always has a Memorial Day picnic, and a Labor Day picnic. This year since the wards combined we did something different. The ward had a pancake breakfast. And in honor of Memorial Day they had a presentation on family history. It was nice.

I was able to visit with two families from "the other" ward that I hadn't known except by sight, so it was really enjoyable. In the afternoon Jim and Betsey went to see the new Spiderman movie. They enjoyed it. Kirsten and I had no interest in seeing it, so we stayed home.

We went to Olive Garden for supper to help celebrate Jim's birthday which was yesterday. A little later we called our daughter-in-law, Karen whose birthday is today. :-) We have a family tradition of calling & singing "Happy Birthday."

Then we rented the movie "Deja Vu." Wendy Stout, who used to be in the Huber Heights ward, and our Son Peter had both recommended it to us. It gets pretty intense, and is definitely not for children, but it's a good movie with a good ending.

Kirsten went across the street to the young adult FHE group that meets at the church on Monday nights, while we watched the movie. Well, I don't know if you wanted that much detail, but that was our Memorial Day. All in all the day worked out nicely.

Josephus said...

Yo- glad you had a fun memorial day! I also went to a church bbq, and had a lot of fun. I didnt even know you had that palsy thing. How does it affect you?

Melisa said...

Sounds fun! How convenient to have a fire pit in your backyard! Thanks for the call. It is always fun to chat with ya.