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Monday, June 25, 2007

Free Time

Took Anna to swimming lessons, she did really well. I exercised on e for 30 minutes and then did 20 on lw. Yes, indeed I did start the South Beach Diet today. I had canadian bacon, eggs, & vegetable juice for breakfast, chicken breast on romaine for lunch, string cheese for snack, chicken breast and green beans and sugar-free jello for dinner. For dessert later this evening I will have vanilla ricotta cheese. I did really well on my first day. I'm eager to see some results! One major thing that I have noticed today is all the free time I had on my hands. I am assuming that I spent A LOT of time in the kitchen either preparing or eating food. I guess I need to find another way to fill my time now. Tyler suggested reading. I really need to do that. I did, however, practice the piano which I had been neglecting to do the past few weeks. We had FHE on being "Fishers of men." Anna was excited because it talked about fish. She's such a cutie. We're going to watch a movie I checked out from the library. It's called Lagaan, it's actually an indian movie (sans Shahrukh Khan) but it's a whopping 4 hours long! We'll see if it's any good...


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Love, Kathey

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My wife is the best!!

Thanks for all of the support that everybody gives to her.