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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Looking the part

If you ever wondered what an analytical scientist, aka intelligent geek/nerd, looks like--you're in luck. I have a picture of one right here:

Aren't those glasses the coolest you've ever seen? Well the Air Force certainly thinks so. They gave them to Tyler free of charge. I was happy they did, but hoped the occasion wouldn't arise where he'd actually have to wear them. That unhappy occasion was this morning. Tyler was at PT this morning playing soccer. The ball came right at him, and somewhere in his mind he thought he could bump the soccer ball off the top of his head. Now, you must know that Tyler hasn't played soccer more than a few times and he's only seen professional players achieve this feat. That probably didn't even cross his mind as he dared to bump the ball up. The only thing was, the ball just hit him smack in the face. Yeah. And it was so hard that it broke Tyler's glasses which proceeded to cut him on the top of his nose--which is covered by these nerdy glasses (they're big enough to cover his face practically)--so, he went in to order another pair of glasses. The optometrist said it would take 2-3 weeks for them to come in. So, for the next 2-3 weeks Tyler will walk around "looking the part."

Anna did really well in her swimming lessons this morning. I think the teacher likes Anna--being the only girl in the class--she always takes Anna further out in the pool than the other 5 boys. I would complain about favoritism, but it's in favor of my girl. Is that wrong?? Comments are welcome.

I had a good workout. I did 5 on e, 20 on t & 10 on b (bike) followed by 20 on arm weights. Anna went over to play with Laura for over an hour. I went through the house looking for consignment worthy items. I plan to consign tomorrow. There's some money to be made from all this extra clutter around my house, I'm just sure of it.

I swam with Anna in the backyard today. I wish we had a fence, I feel self conscious in my swimsuit...we'll probably get a fence 6 months before we move. ha ha. Anna & I played PIRATES and we looked for "buried treasure" and we had to say "ARRRRR" whenever we found some. It was really fun. She is truly my treasure.

I ordered some music today. I'm going to advertize to teach beginners piano lessons. I have 3 voice students and I think I'm ready to teach piano now. Wish me luck!

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Melisa said...

On the bright side, they do cover the cut on his nose...

I need a piano teacher for my boys. How much will you charge? ;)