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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Groundhog Day

Do you ever have a day that you wouldn't mind repeating? Today would be one that I would nominate. I exercised and it felt so good. I really do enjoy it. It seems the most difficult thing is just getting out the door...but I digress, after exercising I cleaned up the house. But guess what? It was pretty much clean already, so I was able to enjoy it all day long. I read 4 stories from THE FRIEND to Anna and then we sang tons of Primary songs on the piano. While I was reading & singing with Anna, I just felt like such a good Mom. I struggle with giving myself credit when I am doing things right, but I didn't feel that way today, I felt good. :)

Anna's friend, Celeste, came over to play for a couple of hours, so I could do the last load of laundry and organize the C2 room. After Celeste went home, Anna wanted my attention but I informed her that her Mama needed her time alone, and I went in the C2 room and scrapbooked for 2 hours. It felt incredible! Whenever I usually want to do something alone, I try to distract Anna so I can do it, but today I was very upfront with her and said I needed my time and guess what? IT WORKED. I'm going to have to be more upfront in the future...

So today I exercised, organized, scrapbooked, and packed for our vacation (we're leaving tomorrow morning) and it was just such a lovely day. Just lovely. When I was reading Anna stories earlier today and just before bedtime, Anna always snuggles up to me, usually with one of my arms around her as I read. It's just precious--I don't want it to change. Today was wonderful.

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Carina said...

Don't you just love days like that? I'm glad things seem to be going really well for you. I'm sure you're an awesome mom, and Anna is lucky to have you! I didn't know you were going on vacation...hope you have fun, and don't forget to keep us all updated! :-)