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Saturday, August 11, 2007

2 more days

Anna begins kindergarten on Monday. (can you believe it?!?) Today I went out & bought her some capri suns (juice boxes that Coulter introduced to Anna during his stay & of course she loves them because they're loaded with sugar) and some star crunches to start things off on the right foot, or at least make her kindergarten school lunches fun for the first week. :)

Today was busy. We went to Anna's last t-ball game. I'm going to try and post some video that we captured on here, which means I'll most likely be calling Melisa begging for help...ha ha. After t-ball, Tyler helped a family move into the ward. Then a guy from the ward came over to take our massive pile of wood away (he heats his home solely with their fireplace in the winter, a romantic idea that we'd like to someday do as well). Then we went to lowe's, followed by going to the church to clean, followed by Tyler going out with the missionaries to teach a new family.

Then we had dinner and I went to the dollar store to buy the aforementioned items. Now Tyler is putting Anna to bed...I have a question. How do you teach a 5 year-old girl that being bossy/snobby to other kids isn't good? A year ago, Anna was described to me by other moms as a very respectful and well-mannered girl. About 3 months ago when I first noticed her bossy behavior, I thought (read: hoped) that it was just a phase, but she continues to exhibit this type of behavior. Thoughts? Comments?


Melisa said...

I will try to hide my envy. We still have 2 weeks until school starts here. Sigh. Get these kids out of my house! ;)

Sounds like you had a busy day. I cannot give any parenting advice. I will make an observation though. Some behaviors that I hoped were phases with Daven have, with consistent discipline, become MUCH less of a problem. Having said that, in times of stress, exhaustion, or too much "noise" those behaviors will come back, no matter how much discipline we have done. Thoughts on that?

Tuan's Princess said...

I can't believe that summer is almost over!

My two cents:
Is it a problem with the other kids? Are they able to let her know that they don't like/want to be bossed around? You can help them tell her how they feel. You can help her understand how her bossyness may be making them feel.

Anna is such a sweet girl and it is fun to see her personality coming out.