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Monday, August 13, 2007

First day of kindergarten

Well, it has begun. Anna had her first day of kindergarten today. She was so excited about it, even when I woke her up at 6:30am. We had breakfast, read scriptures and then Tyler took her to school. I snapped these pictures on her way out. Notice how the backpack is practically as big as she is...

Because no photo shoot with Anna is complete without a silly picture...

After they left, I went to the YMCA and walked for 30 minutes around the track. My knee has been giving me trouble lately, so I thought walking would be better than the elliptical machine. I did some leg weights afterwards. I weighed in at 317--I lost 1 pound last week which = a total of 13 pounds in 7 weeks. I'm excited about it! Only 9 more pounds until pre-pregnancy weight-hooray!

I came home, showered, read my scriptures & practiced the piano. I promised myself that I would scrapbook today-and I plan to scrapbook pictures of my childhood from birth to when Tyler & I were sealed. I somehow thought I would be able to dive right in & actually scrapbook. Not so. I went through all of my photo albums (3 large, 3 small) and then tried to arrange them in order of age. That took 3 hours. Then I taught a voice lesson, by the time that I was almost able to do my first page--Anna was home and I was excited to hear about her day. So, my positive view of this is that tomorrow I will be ready to scrapbook!

The rest of the day was slow-going. Getting up at 6:30am caught up to me around 3:30pm...and I've been dragging ever since. Tyler made a wonderful recipe for baked salmon. Do you like salmon? I'm sad to say that I don't like it--it looks/tastes like tuna to me, which I also do not like. Anna, on the other hand, LOVES tuna--so I told her that it tasted like tuna and she quickly ate some. Tyler will eat just about anything and I'm happy to see that Anna is the same way. I, on the other hand, ate one bite of salmon & then forced myself to eat another bite because I know it's very high in protein. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Oh my!! She is sooo grown-up!!! Watch out though- the next few years will fly by even faster.

Anonymous said...

sorry! that comment was O Pa, me, Ash and Al. OOOhhhh! is the comment from her aunts!

Love, Suz