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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Carving pumpkin time

This is my season (literally). Autumn is so refreshing. I enjoy the crisp autumn air and watching the leaves fall to the ground. Choir went well this morning--the song is so beautiful. Church went well. My sweet daughter made it through the Primary program safely and even blew out some eardrums as she gave her talk. The past few weeks she has been saying that her tummy & ears were "hurting". We took her to a doctor in the ward for a diagnosis: she's fine, but needed a blessing from her daddy before the Primary Program. Tyler gave her one last night and thankfully, all was well.

After church we ate country chicken soup, ginger cookies, pumpkin pie, & drank hot chocolate, which we carved our pumpkins. Here are some photos:

Tonight we had our first dress rehearsal for opera scenes. I am enjoying it--although I am pretty nervous about the performance (read: remembering my lines) and there's a lot of time where I'm just sitting around waiting for the next thing to do...I'm not a fan of unproductive time.

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iPhilip said...

Jill, you should use the insides of your pumpkin to make it look like your pumpkin is throwing up. That would be cool.