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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas party

Today was a big build-up to a Christmas party at Sarah's house this evening. I baked over a hundred sugar cookies (literally) with a cool cookie press that Amy loaned me. I made shrimp dip, meatballs, & mint hot chocolate. Plus Tyler made homemade salt water taffy - that was fun. I've never made candy before - besides divinity and fudge. The party was fun - we played scene it!, how well do you know your spouse, and a white elephant game - I got a lovely orange leaf platter - perfect for me, eh? I thought so. Tyler ended up with a gift that I brought - but he really wanted what he brought, which was stolen from him at the very end! Pretty funny. I still don't feel well - my nose is red & chapped. I think I have a virus...I feel terrible...I don't want to share it with everyone at church tomorrow but I don't think I should have gone to a party tonight if I'm not planning to go to church tomorrow...sounds like man-made guilt, right Melisa? I don't want others to come to church and spread the "wealth" (read: sickness), so why should I do it?? What would you do?

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