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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mons family

Whenever you find a true friend - you should hold onto them. You should keep in touch with them regardless of how far away they are. The Mons are true friends of our family. I posted some pictures of us on the sidebar - enjoy!

They showed up around 11:30pm friday night and we stayed up until at least 1 am chatting...then up again around 9am, when I made mickey mouse shaped pancakes for breakfast. Tyler & Brad took the kids (all 4 of them - what men we have!) to the Air Force Museum while Melisa & I made peasant soup (recipe is on the right sidebar) & rolls while chatting it up like there was no tomorrow. Then after lunch the adults played settlers while the kids played. It was a grand day - one that we didn't want to end. In fact, we tried to not let it end, by staying up until 2am. Nevermind that the Mons had to leave at 6am - we were living it up (as much as is possible for us mormons) and it was grand. I miss them already. This morning Anna was crying because she said they only came for one day. Poor baby, I feel her pain.

This morning Tyler awoke to Anna saying that there was an emergency - she had thrown up in the bathroom. Tyler, the wonderful man that he is, cleaned it all up by himself, bathed Anna, started a load in the wash, and put Anna back to bed. (Did I mention how wonderful he is??) When we woke up this morning - Tyler was feeling nauseated and I didn't feel well, either. So we didn't make it to church, unfortunately. Hopefully we'll feel better soon. I am grateful, however, that we are sick now instead of when I was in school. :o)

Anna lost her other front tooth today - therefore the Christmas song "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" will apply to my baby this year...

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iPhilip said...

You can make me some peasant soup when you are deep in the heart of Texas.