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Friday, December 14, 2007

Not healthy

Today had its ups & downs. The downs are: I still have a sore throat (3rd day in a row, grrrr!) and then I thought I'd use my coupon for a haircut (expired today) for $6.99 (can't beat that price!). So, I go into the salon and there are 3 people ahead of me - all men, which don't take very long - so I don't mind waiting. I noticed that one of the three employees was working pretty slowly and didn't appear to know exactly what she was doing. Since I am particular with my hair (who isn't?) I am hoping and even praying that someone else will be cutting my hair. Yeah, well, she did. All throughout the haircut I am dreading the end result. Halfway through the haircut she had to ask her fellow co-worker for "help" with my hair. *sigh* I was pretty upset because I didn't think it turned out well and I'm about to go home & visit family - so I wanted it to look nice. Aggravated, I dropped by Meijer on the way home to buy some veggies. Somehow a 2 liter of rootbeer and a half gallon of vanilla ice cream found its way into my cart. I came home and had a rootbeer float. Then I felt bad that I'd had one, since they're not at all healthy. Then I thought I'd weigh myself - which is never a good idea when it's halfway through the weighing week, after you've just had a RBF, and with all of your clothes on...yeah, I was up, like, 10 pounds from monday. Not a self-esteem boosting moment. From then on I found myself just unhappy and it was almost like I couldn't do anything to end it. *heavy sigh*

An UP was: After Anna came home from school, we went over to Rachel's house and she & her husband, Ryan, taught me how to make ebelskivers, which was fun, but of course not very healthy. Then I made a nice dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, cheese soufleé, and mixed veggies. It was tasty - but again, not too healthy. When I put my jeans on today - they were a little snug. I feel like crying because I worked hard to lose those 20 pounds and I feel like I can't do anything to stop some of them from coming back on, especially this time of year. It's very depressing. I have great plans of beginning a very healthy diet when we return from OK - but it will be difficult to begin that while we're staying with family - and the truth is, I don't want to have to worry about it while I'm on "vacation". I just want to eat whatever I want and not gain anything - is that too much to ask???


Melody said...

I hear ya, honey! I don't think anyone should weigh themselves until the end of January. There is no way around all this delicious food. It's everywhere you turn!!!!

Melisa said...

I don't fit into any of my pants anymore. I had to go buy new ones. Dang, that is a BAAAAAD feeling. Buying bigger clothes. Ugh. Why is weight so much easier to gain than lose?

Sorry about the haircut. I really need to go get mine cut. It has been forever. I'm just so lazy

Ticklemedana said...

Have you ever read the book "Intuitive Eating"? You should. I have and it's awesome. I may even bring it with me and "lend" (ie GIVE) it to you when I'm home. It will give you a DIFFERENT outlook on food that doesn't involve guilt. =)