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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Guess who?

I cannot count how many games of Guess Who that Anna & I have played together this week. I have really enjoyed the time together that we have had these past few days, since she's been home sick from school. I don't know when she'll be going back to school. She still has a cough, yet it has been surprising to me that she isn't eager to go back to school. She loves her teacher and her fellow classmates. I LOVE having her home - and spending so much time together playing Guess Who.

Last night I watched Persuasion - my favorite movie. It was nice to take some time out for myself and enjoy that classic story by Jane Austen. :o)

I am really doing the liver cleanse and it feels great! I know that by tomorrow I will have at least 100 less gallstones and should be allergy free for a while. I loathe epsom salts, but I'm already halfway through the cleanse - 2 more epsom drinks tomorrow and that's all!!! In about 30 minutes I'll drink a solution of olive oil and fresh grapefruit juice. Sound gross? Well, you may be surprised to hear that the epsom salts are so much worse. *gag*

Anna had her own personal pan pepperoni pizza from pizza hut tonight. She read 10+ books in December and so Pizza Hut has a BOOKIT policy where the kids can earn their own pizza. Anna would read the books anyhow, but the pizza is an added perk! Speaking of reading, Anna read a whole chapter last night in the Illustrated Book of Mormon book - all by herself!!! I am amazed at her reading skills. She is plugging right along! I was thinking of checking out some books to read with her - any suggestions?

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Melisa said...

If the cleanse is so horrible, isn't there any easier way to get the same results?

I hope Anna feels better soon! I guess I'm a mean mom because I don't keep my kids home unless they have a fever, puking, or other indigestion issues. I'm still scared sending Jaden with his asthma, but he's never had a scary episode so I force myself to let it go.