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Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Take 2

So today Tyler & I thought we'd celebrate our anniversary together versus being apart - like we were on the actual date (jan 6th). This evening Tyler took me out for a wonderful dinner at OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE. Our daughter, Anna, is actually spending the night with her friend Glitter at Glittersmama's house. (Thanks!!!) We were going to spend the night at a bed & breakfast, but decided that we'd just spend the evening at home, which has been quite nice. We're actually moving things around the house, getting everything the way we want it. It's funny how moving rooms is so much fun that we want to spend part of our precious date night doing it. In other news, I listed my very first Craigslist item for sale today: a 5 piece bedroom set. I hope it will sell - we really could use the money!


Melisa said...

What bedroom set are you selling?

When you are in love, you can have fun doing anything! :)

jessica said...

Some our favorite dates have been being at home without kids-- fun, comfy... I won't add more details ;)