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Monday, January 28, 2008

Virus central

So, Anna had a terrible virus last week and missed school. Today was her first day back. And as I write this post - I am currently enjoying (read: enduring) the same virus that I got from her. Anyone feel like missing work or school? Head on over to my house, we'll set you up.

The Reeves came over tonight. It's amazing how Maria & I formed our friendship by meeting in a local park here one night over a year and a half ago. Our daughters are one week apart in age and have a great time together. I made a pot roast with carrots, gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, & corn with chocolate cake for dessert. Maria is from the Dominican Republic - so I thought it would be fun to show her a typical meal that I had when growing up in OK. The only thing that was missing were rolls - but those would be difficult for me to resist eating!!! As it was, I had to leave the room when dessert was served, so I wouldn't give in! :o)

I weighed in this morning and I gained a pound this past week. I half expected not to lose this week - not because I hadn't been going sugar-free, but because I was trying to use some food storage items that were going to go bad, but weren't on the SBD diet. Food storage items don't really mesh with SBD items. For example: rice, pasta, wheat - not really things I eat on the SBD. However, when we will need to be eating our food storage - say, if some disaster happens - the diet won't be the most important thing at that time. So I had a biscuit mix that I didn't want to waste - so I made the biscuit - topped chicken pie ( recipe in earlier post ), but it has white flour in it...and we ate on it for a day or so...anyhow. I'm ready to begin my YMCA membership, but now I have this nasty virus! *sigh*

Tyler is getting PRK eye surgery (similar to lasik) done on wednesday. Then on thursday we're planning to head up to see Melisa and her family for a few days - so Tyler can recover from his surgery. I'm looking forward to it - I just hope I can shake this virus before then!!


Drew said...

All three of you planning on going? Tyler will have to go back the day after and the second day after for a follow-up. From past experience, he will not feel up to traveling for a few days. He will spend a lot of time in bed and will need lots of help. I handled it better than most of the people in my group, and I didn't get out of bed until the Sat after my surgery on Wed, and that entailed me holding on to the shopping cart and being drug around Target. Just a heads up on how Tyler is probably going to feel. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Drew says. They say you'll be fine, but I've recieved a couple of sos calls from 2 friends who have had PRK, and they needed help! Read: they needed to lay in a dark room, and someone needed to watch over them and their kids a few days! Suz

Ticklemedana said...

Jilly...Look at my new blog layout! =) I'm excited...