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Monday, January 21, 2008

The White Countess

I lost 2 and a half pounds last week! I'm on track to get back to where I was before December 2007. I think that returning to the YMCA will help in addition to being on SBD. :o)

Today was Martin Luther King Jr Day - so both Tyler & Anna had the day off. Hooray! However, we didn't know that this holiday was coming - so we were a little unprepared for it. We kept asking: "What are we going to do today?" We ended up going shopping for some clothes and looking at paint at 3 different stores plus eating chinese food - Anna says it's her favorite restaurant because it has chicken on a stick, shrimp, and ice cream. What more could a girl want?

Please note Anna's 6 year-old pictures on the sidebar! Isn't she a doll?? Poor Anna Belle still has a really bad cough. She sounds pretty bad. I'm going to keep her home from school tomorrow. We bought her some cough drops which have helped some - but what do you give a 6 year-old who has a bad cough? I'm not really prone to coughing, myself, so I feel uneducated on this topic. Ideas, please!!!

Tonight we had FHE on eternal families. We've decided to use the lds FHE manual and tonight was the first time. Tyler did a great job. We feel like we need to do better in teaching Anna the gospel. What a huge responsibility to teach her. I hope and pray that we will be successful in teaching her during these precious years.

After Anna went to bed, Tyler & I watched The White Countess. It was heartwrenching and historically interesting at the same time. It involves a Russian Countess living in Shanghai, China, pre-world war II. The movie left me wondering what my life should consist of - that, at the end of my lifetime, what will have mattered the most? I've toyed with the idea of pursuing music as a real career, and part of me wants that - but part of me just wants to be home, raising my daughter and any other kids that come along. And I feel that if I were to be home and raise my family, that at the end of my lifetime - it would have been enough for me. No, more than enough, more than a huge career in music would have been. Those are my midnight thoughts for now.


glittersmama said...

Your body uses coughing to get rid of nasty stuff. Cough medicine hasn't been proven effective, so it's better to not bother with the cost. Cough drops are good during the day and a cool-mist vaporizer at night.

Just be sure she covers her mouth when she coughs and washes her hands with soap and water often.

Melisa said...

Poor Anna. I don't know what to do with all of the medicine recalls. We just trudge through.

Congrats on the weight loss! You rock!

Thanks for chating with me last night. Sure love you.

shannon said...

Glittersmama is right, Jill. Also we have found if the kid is stuffy, a little vapor rub on the chest or neck or wherever helps alleviate that a bit. Also, if you're brave, the nasal spray salt saline stuff does wonders for a really stuffy nose. It's just no fun for the kid! That and hot showers. I, myself tend to do the mist therapy when I'm feeling yucky. If nothing else it's relaxing.
Good luck! ;)