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Friday, April 04, 2008

The Barber of Seville (Il barbiere di Siviglia)

This morning I went to workout - today marks two weeks in a row with 5 visits to the YMCA per week. Hooray! Plus my diet is going well, too. Everything is great - it's a wonder why I ever fall off my diet program? Oh yeah, it's called SUGAR. Well, I'm planning to avoid it this time around and not even trust myself with a small taste...or a big one. :o)

Anna went with her friend, Chloe, to Chuck E Cheese's today - she had a ball. I took advantage of the alone time and cleaned like crazy plus I did as much research on the Ukraine as possible. Has anyone had any experience with international adoption? I'm looking for any type of financial grants or assistance that can help us with the cost.

This evening Tyler & I went to see The Barber of Seville. It was the best opera I've ever seen. The actor/singer who played Figaro did SUCH a great job. It was comical and well sung. Plus we were all gussied up, which is always fun. I saw some friends from college (last fall) and it was fun to catch up with them.


Kathey said...

I have a cousin in Illinois who, last time I heard, works in international adoptions. I don't know what countries she has had experience with, but even though she doesn't work in Ohio she may have valuable information for you. Would you like me to try to get in touch with her?

Love, Kathey

Anonymous said...

Check with Sister Brown she has some grandchildren that have been adopted internationally and she goes with the parents to go pick them up.

Melisa said...

That is a great opera. Loved it!

Steph said...

Good for you, Jill!! Keep up the great work. You're awesome!

Dirk said...

Thumbs up for working out consistently! I'm totally rooting for you-lifestyle, weight, kids... Keep it up and keep us posted. :) trish