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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Forever Family Adoption

My name is Jill. My husband, Tyler, & I have one beautiful daughter, Anna. We are in the process of adopting adorable twins from the Ukraine. Their names are Nick & Nastya and our website for them is:

I want to share with you our story and how it has led us to this amazing adoption process. First of all - we've always wanted a big family. Both Tyler & myself come from large families. Anna was born one year after we were married and she is a delight. Since she turned one year old we have struggled with infertility issues and haven't been able to have another child. Recently we discussed the idea of adoption. Shortly afterwards, I had a dream where I saw the outline of a little girl. She had blonde hair and was about 3 or 4 years old. We determined that we would probably adopt from Russia, since the girl was caucasion in my dream. I discussed the idea with my brother-in-law, Yury, who is from Belarus. He did some research and said that the Ukraine would be a better country to adopt from than Russia. My husband & I prayed about the Ukraine and felt overwhelmingly that it was where our children were. We decided that we wanted to adopt two children - a boy and a girl. One older girl who could play with Anna and a younger boy.

So, in a leap of faith we started the adoption process and chose our home agency and our placement agency. Then I was talking with my friend, Valerie, who has adopted two special needs children herself - one from Uzbekistan and the other from the Ukraine. She introduced me to the Reece's Rainbow website. It was there in the siblings category that I first saw Nastya - and she fit the image that I had seen in my dream. I was floored! I couldn't believe it. And when I saw that she & Nick were twins - I realized that God had answered my prayers, I have been praying for twins for 4 years now! It was an incredible experience.

Tyler & I had discussed the idea of adopting a child with special needs and we felt really good about it, so when we saw that Nick has CP (cerebral palsy) and mental retardation - we were at ease concerning it. I have always been comfortable with those who have special needs - I've worked in nursing homes and become friends with those who had handicaps and truly enjoyed those wonderful people.

And additionally, I want to share with you a promise that I made to God concerning special needs. When I was pregnant with Anna, the first ultrasound that I had showed some abnormalities in her head to body ratio. The doctor was concerned and scheduled another ultrasound for the week after at a different facility. That whole week I was in distress, thinking something might be wrong with our baby. I finally prayed to Heavenly Father and told him that if it was his will for me to raise a child with special needs - that I would do it and that I would do my very best to raise him or her. The following week the ultrasound was completely normal, so I didn't think about my promise that I'd made to God - until I saw Nick. And then I knew that I was being blessed with the opportunity to raise this boy and do my very best to help him have the best experience that he could possibly have.

And so, this is our goal: to adopt these precious twins and bring them home as soon as possible. My husband, Tyler, is active duty in the Air Force. He doesn't make a lot of money, and when we first heard that the overall cost of adoption would be around $30,000 - we doubted the possibility that we would even be able to afford this venture. But, we have prayed that God will help this process unfold in a miraculous way and we hope that with everyone's support - we will bring them home and give them the love that they have not had thus far in their four years of life. This blog will keep you updated on the progress of our adoption process. Please stay tuned for the next update. :o)


Michelle said...

you sound like SUCH a together person. I "met" you via RR, and was so happy to see you will be adopting the twins. A few months ago, they were being discussed on RR, and it was mentioned how sad Nick has been since being seperated from his sister...boy that was hard to hear. I bet they will flourish under your care. Just wanted to say hi, and CONGRATULATIONS! Im an AF brat, myself, and know the awesome community they will be brought up in. Good luck!

Melisa said...

This is just so exciting! I can't wait to see how it all unfolds!

Christine said...

Hi. Congrats on your decision to adopt from Ukraine. How exciting. My email is

shannon said...

We are so excited for you and hope it happens quickly!

Annie said...

What a neat story. I know that God always keeps his promises. Sometimes it's hard to keep ours. But everything will work out and a way will be provided. You'll be great parents - those children are so lucky. Good luck in your journey!

Michelle said...

Hi, I saw your comment on my blog. I dont know details, unfortunately. But there was some discussion not that long ago about these two, which is when I first learend about them. I think I read somewhere that his sister was already sent from the baby house to the bigger kis orphanage, but he didnt have to go yet because he has special needs. Maybe that is what they were talking about? He does look sad, doesnt he? he is such a beautiful kid. I always wonder if some of these kids arent deeply intelligent and maybe more aware of their lives than anyone knows. Nick makes me wonder what is going on inside his cute little head to make him look SO sad. I cant wait to see him smile for you.