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Monday, April 21, 2008

Lunch dates with Anna

I love mondays - because on mondays Tyler & I take turns eating lunch with Anna at her school. Today it was MY day! :o) It's so wonderful to hear Anna say: "I love it when you come eat lunch with me, Mama." It just melts my heart! Especially since I've heard that when children grow up - they want nothing to do with their parents. Of course, Tyler & I are hopeful that our daughter will never tire of our can hope, right?

I accomplished some things today - I ate lunch with Anna, I exercised at the YMCA, I scheduled a fire safety appointment (for the home study) and mailed out some papers to the home study agency. Tomorrow we're going to get our fingerprints done, which will help speed up the process. Some interesting things have been happening - I'm meeting random people who have either adopted internationally or domestically or have children with CP, it's so bizarre! I bought a dog crate for Maggie through CL (craigslist) and the woman actually dropped it off at my house. Come to find out - she is military and her son has CP. She was able to answer a lot of questions for me. It's amazing how Heavenly Father can teach us through complete strangers! By the way - Denise, will you please email me at jilldpierce at yahoo dot com? Thanks!


Melisa said...

Sounds like things are coming along smoothly!

It is great having people to talk to who have been where you are. It makes such a difference I think.

Alabama Apples said...

I love how the Lord helps us along in our endeavors. He is there watching over us. I love the Gospel and how we can recognize His hand in things. That is how your meeting with people seems to me!

Steph said...

How neat! It is quite amazing how Heavenly Father has His hand in our lives.
That is really neat you eat lunch with Anna. I am sure that she loves it. I am holding onto the hope that my kids will still like me in a few years, too. Sigh...we'll see. :)