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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pedicure nightmare

Last night Maggie got her back leg toenail stuck in her collar - except we didn't know that that was what had happened. Tyler had taken her outside when she started crying LOUDLY and running around on only 3 feet - it was so bizarre! And she wouldn't let us touch her leg or try to find out what was wrong. :o( Tyler called the vet and they said to take her into the animal hospital this morning (which we did) and they said that her nails were too long and that had explained them getting caught in her collar. The whole thing was so sad - I couldn't bear to hear her cry out during the night. But now she's happy and running amok this very moment. I'm happy to have my puppy girl back.

I had my voice lesson today. We looked at several russian pieces of music and one czech piece from Rusalka. I've decided that in the possibility that might do some sort of recital to raise money (I'm not sure yet) that I should prepare some russian music for it. Here is a clip of Anna Netrebko singing Rusalka, be sure to pause the music beforehand:

It's so beautiful! I'm excited to begin working on new pieces, especially "How Fair The Spot" By Rachmaninoff. I enjoy minor pieces of music and russian music (that I've seen thus far) is full of passion and I'm eager to sing it.


Alabama Apples said...

Thank you for your perspective on my post. My little guys are stressful sometimes, but I truly am blessed to have them...and I'm sure Heavenly Father looks at me and wonders what in the world I'm doing sometimes. Thank you!

Melisa said...

Poor puppy!