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Monday, May 12, 2008

Cleaning house

Today I took Anna to school, then started cleaning up. It's amazing how messy the house gets when you're doing other things. I met Anna for lunch at school. There was another mom/daughter combo in the parent's room. I was really looking forward to our one-on-one time for lunch, but I was perplexed why this other mom was talking to me more than her own daughter. It was frustrating because I wanted to give 100% of my 30 minutes to Anna and not to anyone else, but due to how small the room was - I couldn't really get away from this chatty woman. Moving on, I went on a walk with Maggie. She is so funny - anytime any other dog starts barking at her she runs the other way or tries to hide between my legs. It makes me wonder what threatening things those other dogs must be saying. ;o)

Anna & I went shopping at ALDI after her school. Then I made dinner and Pilar & her 3 daughters came over for dinner. I made enchiladas, made with whole wheat tortillas, homemade refried beans - I'm so proud, I cooked them & mashed them all by myself and they were GOOD, corn, and homemade horchata - I'm amazed at how good my recipe is of horchata and the girls loved it, except Anna. Isn't that funny? Horchata is one of my favorites and Anna thinks it's "yucky". Oh well. We went through the drive-thru for some complementery kiddie cones and headed for the park. Only, it really was too cold for the park at 7pm here in OH, so we left about 8 minutes later.

Someone bought the tv I listed on craigslist. I'm happy about that - let me tell you! We're $50 richer! Plus I listed some scrapbooking items on eBay. I'm trying to raise money any way that I can for this adoption. It's consuming my thoughts! :P I found out that I can go to the book club tomorrow - sweet Nicole said that I can bring Anna to play with Celeste (and I'm not the only one who's happy to be going...) so that will be nice. I don't read much, but I enjoy being around people who do - perhaps it's because they're really smart from all of their reading and I want to learn it through osmosis?


Melisa said...

Speaking of reading, when do you have time so I can start reading to you over the phone? :)

Queen Mother said...

Ok my darling, I need your horchata recipe. Sam LOVES Horchata, but I agree with's "yucky!" =)