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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Here we go again

I realized something yesterday - I've never really had to work hard at anything. I didn't study in school, but I always did just fine and even graduated from college without too much effort. I don't practice music very often and yet it sounds (at least I think it does) like I do when I sing. I hardly ever mess anything up when I'm cooking/baking, etc. But dieting - that is one thing that I cannot just do well on without major preparation - emotional, intellectual, spiritual, & physical preparation. Perhaps that is why I have this trial - to know what it feels like to really have to work hard at something. What do you have to work hard at? What comes easy for you?

I'm back on my stage one in SBD. I've gained half of what I lost - but I hope it will come off easily. I went on a walk outside today - because the temperature was SO nice. I took Maggie with me. I've never taken a dog on a walk, so I wasn't sure how it would go - but about half-way through the walk, she finally got on my rhythm (which isn't fast, don't be impressed) and I'm thinking that I'd like to take her on more walks with me...which will also mean that I'll be going on more walks - it's a win-win situation here. :o)

I had my physical therapy appointment today - I go 3x a week. The therapist saw that I was using a sling - he said he wouldn't have me wearing a sling non-stop because it will tighten up my arm muscles, which would explain that pain I've had when taking off the sling. I'm supposed to wear it for 3 hours and then off for 3 hours...that will make things much easier!

Voice lessons went well today. We're having a ward classical recital on friday - I'm excited to see how it goes. I think it will be wonderful, but then again, I'm planning it - so I should think that, right? I'm going to be singing my favorite Italian song: Ma Rendi Pur Contento. It feels like I've really been able to polish this piece, so it's quite enjoyable to sing and I have a fabulous accompanist who makes me feel comfortable when I sing. Plus her birthday is tomorrow, so be sure to wish her happy birthday! (don't tell her I told you!)


glittersmama said...

Thanks for not beating me up for going Italian over Russian. :)

Queen Mother said...

Sweetie, you're working really hard to get your children. THAT is hard work!

The hardest work I've ever done was to get my second son. I even worked like crazy to earn the money. Then I worked like crazy to earn the money to pay off the money I had to borrow to have him. Worth it all!

nicole said...

Wow, what a relief that you get a break from that sling! I can imagine how tedious that must be to keep it on so much. Wish I could hear you perform tomorrow. I'm sure you'll do an amazing job, as usual!

shannon said...

I have to work hard at most everything I do.The problem is I always want to just be able to do things and have them turn out perfectly with very little preparation, but I find that the more preparation and work I put into something, the happier I am with it, unless it flops! Sheesh!