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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I had my voice lessons today - russian is hard to pronounce! I'm working on a russian piece and also a czech piece. I'm excited for them! I'm trying to ocme up with an idea for a recital to help raise money for our adoption. I also had physical therapy today. The pt said to not use the sling, but rather get a tennis brace for my arm. I hope to get one soon - I think it will help my elbow heal faster.

Quick vent: I like to think positively. All the time. I don't even like considering any unhappy scenario. I know that this is very unrealistic, but it's the way that I think. I've had some people mention to me how difficult this adoption is going to be and HOW HARD it will be for the kids to adjust...blah blah blah. I'm tired of hearing the negative - all I can think about it how much love I already have for these precious kids and I can't wait to bring them here and show them how much they are loved. I wish they were here now with me. :o)

Have you seen Disney's Pollyanna? It's a movie that I watched when I was growing up. Anna & I are going to have a movie night once a week - watching the Court Jester last week was what gave me the idea. I checked out Pollyanna at the library and we watched it tonight. I think it was a bit beyond her, but she enjoyed what she could understand, I think. I, however, was crying off & on throughout the movie. My period came on monday and so today was my first day back on the injections. *sigh* I didn't realize how emotionally difficult it is to do the injections until this cycle. I've been emotional all evening and I have HUGE cravings for comfort food. It doesn't help that Tyler's not here to be with me. Back to the movie - it's such a great idea, playing "The glad game" and trying to always see the positive in every situation. I explained the game to Anna and she seemed to be really excited about it. I hope it will help her to deal with unpleasantries in life.


nicole said...

I LOVE the movie Pollyanna. There are so many truths in it. I also watched it with Celeste about a year ago, and even though she was too young to get most of it, she burst into tears at the end. I just held her and cried too. It was a beautiful moment for us. So I totally know what you're talking about!
It must be frustrating to get the negative comments about the adoption, but I'm sure people have good intentions. What's awesome is that you have had a revelation that it's the best thing for your family. So that's all that matters. :) You're an inspiration to us all!!

shannon said...

Hey Jill! I get negative comments ALL THE TIME about my plenty children, young age , closeness in numbers, yaddy yaddy yadda-- for a while I was letting others' opinions of my situation really affect me in a negative way and I was seriously doubting my actions. Fortunately I read an awesome book, I Am a Mother, (by Jayne Clayson Johnson) that really helped me to change my perspective. It gave me a wake up call on how special and chosen we are. No matter what our situation, as we follow God and allow His plan to be the one we follow, rather than our own designs, then we will ultimately be happier and realize the joy in life, no matter our struggles. People that bring up the inevitable probably are just trying to be realistic, and sometimes it's necessary to play devil's advocate, but all in all faith is more powerful and does precede the miracle. You will never go wrong if you rely on the Lord.

Melisa said...

I loved Pollyanna, but it is too sad for me to watch. I can't take it!

That's great that you've been moved to a brace! The sling would have been hard.

Maybe when someone comments about hard it will be, you can say, "Yes, it might be, but it will be worth it!" I say that a lot about being married to a doctor. Or maybe take it as a compliment that you are doing awesome with something they find "SO HARD."