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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stuff going on

So, I haven't posted in a while - we've been pretty busy. Tyler was in Hawaii last week and it was hard not having him home - plus we all wish we could have gone to Hawaii, too!!! Anyhow, he's home now and we couldn't be happier to have him here. :o) Last night we were going over finances and realized that we cannot afford our summer trips to Utah & Oklahoma. We're quite upset about it. We made those plans previous to our decision to adopt - and now we're so financially strapped from that alone, we just cannot afford another $1500 for those 2 fun trips. And we're sad to upset our family members by not going - but our number one priority right now is to help bring our twins home. And we have to make financial sacrifices to do that. How can we pray for God's help to finance this adoption if we don't make sacrifices ourselves? Anyhow, we're sad about it - but you're all welcome to come visit us here in Ohio!!! (please come!)

We're still doing infertility. I met with the doctor yesterday and he talked about weight loss. He even mentioned surgical methods. I'm not a fan of surgery, yet I can see that I need help in this weight loss struggle. My friend mentioned some success that she is having while attending a medical weight loss clinic, and that idea sounds good to me - but it costs money. *sigh* I wish we didn't struggle with money so much - I love that our family is in the military and I'm proud that we are defending our country, but we would make a LOT more money outside the military. Don't get any ideas - we're not leaving or anything, it's just that I want (read: need) to lose weight - otherwise I won't be around to see my kids grow up and this weight loss clinic idea feels right to me.

Tyler brought some souvenirs back for us from Hawaii. He bought Anna 3 shirts, one of which said: "Someone who really loves me gave me this t-shirt from Hawaii." Tyler asked Anna to read this shirt outloud. She read: "Someone who really loves me gave me this t-shirt from Hell." :D


Melisa said...

There is a lot to keep in mind when choosing a weight loss program, and unfortunately, money is one of the factors. It is unavoidable it seems. I know there are people that can do it all on their own, but I have accepted the fact that I'm not one of those people. I would think that the military would cover many different weight loss programs besides just surgery.

Does that mean that you will miss the weddings?!?! Can't you go out by yourself? I'm going to Gerrick's by myself because we can't afford tickets for all of us. He is sad that Brad and the kids can't go, but he understands.

Anonymous said...

I won't prtend to know about the weight loss, but I do understand the money issues. Wouldn't it be great if we could just afford to do all the things we want. Canceling plans is hard. We were planning to take the kids to Disneyland this year, but so many things seem to come up that we cannot afford it now. Oh, well. Like you said, we have to make sacrifices. So, just know your not the only one.:)

Dizzie Lizzie said...

I remember seeing a poster at the base hospital in Ohio about a weight-loss program there. I don't know any more about it though - just ask your PCM.

We would love to go visit our family this summer but it will have to wait until NEXT summer. It has been very frustrating for me that Peter has been travelling to Utah for work and has been able to visit with our families. I can't afford to go with him.

Ticklemedana said...

oh, jilly, that's so sad! I'm so sorry, my love...I know you were really looking forward to that!

But, as you say, this is a worthwhile endeavor and worthwhile endeavors take sacrifice...I'm sure the family will understand when they are able to meet their new neice and nephew, you know?

AND...that Anna Kiddie Kwip is HILARIOUS! (Kiddie Kwip is what my friend calls cute things her kids say...) seriously...I may have to blog about it! LOL...oh...and posted new pics...=D

Kathey said...

That really is TOO funny about Anna.

I'm praying for you. When are the weddings?

Love, Kathey

Dirk said...

Just adding to the empathizers about missing travel. It is so tough to be away from family and it must be so upsetting to cancel those trips!
Good luck finding a way to get the help you need. Some of the things insurance will cover vs. not is ridiculous, so I hope they will cover a good weight loss program.
I'm pulling and praying for you and your expanding family. :)

nicole said...

Sorry you're having a tough time. :( We'll be around for most of the summer, so we'll have to hang out. By the way, I love your new picture. You're a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love trials! Just think of the beautiful diamond you are becoming through all of this pressure. I forgot to mention on the last post I made that Bruce is very much against the weight loss surgeries also. He does admit that he may have a bias view because he deals with the patients that are having problems with it. He suggested to his sister that has a lot of weight to lose to try the diet that you have to go on after the surgery. Maybe talk with your doctor about that possibility. That alone could help you drop some pounds. I don't know if you have ever looked that much into the surgery, but the diet you have to go on afterwards is crazy!