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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Singing, Dancing, Walking in the rain

This is the first musical that Tyler ever saw and he LOVED it! Well today in our healthy lifestyle support group we met at a local park to go on a walk. It was sprinkling a little bit - but we decided to walk anyhow. Halfway through it began to POUR! It's been a while since I've been out in the rain, it was fun. :o) I remember hearing Jerry Seinfeld once talk about how we love to swim, get in the hot tub, go water skiing, etc, but then - when it starts to rain - we freak out and have to get dry as soon as possible. It's a funny thing.


Steph said...

How totally funny and true! You will never see me sprint so quickly until you see the rain start pourin'.

nicole said...

That was sure fun, wasn't it!! Poor Maggie... she looked so cute all soaked like that. I love being outdoors in any weather (almost!)
Thanks again for starting the group. It's been great to have support to become more healthy.