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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Forever Friends

My first friend that I made in Ohio is moving away...her husband's job is taking her & the family to CO. This is a cause of sadness for myself and also for my daughter, Anna. She has become best buds with Leia: Aren't they so cute? I've assured Anna that she can communicate with Leia via webcam and letters...but she says "It won't be the same." And she's right. :o( But I take comfort in our modern technology that will help us stay in touch as much as possible without living 8 miles apart. Sarah was my visiting teaching companion - we went almost every month and tried to be faithful in serving in the calling together. Sarah, Shannon, & I spent many nights together watching English films and enjoying our girl time. I won't forget the fun pronunications of Sarah saying "sure" & "butter". I will miss Sarah laughing at my incredibly sarcastic jokes (or lack thereof). I'll miss our time at the YMCA working out, finding excuses to eat ice cream, & dreaming of a trip to England. I will miss her hugs and concern for me & what I'm doing. Thanks for being my friend, Sarah. No matter where you go - we'll always be close. You can count on that. xx


nicole said...

That picture of the Anna and Leia is SOOO adorable! And of you guys too of course! We'll miss them too. :( Book club just won't be the same that's for sure.

traceyroxanne said...

My sympathies are with you. I know how hard it is to have to say goodbye to a dear friend.

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

It is always really sad to leave a best friend behind... Maybe one day you guys could visit each other? My friend from Idaho is visiting her parents this weekend and i'm soooo excited to see her and her baby while i'm up visiting my parents in Toledo.

What's your blog address so I can add you to my favorite blogs?

Saquel25 said...