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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Voice lessons

I had my voice lessons this morning. It's fun to feel like I'm progressing in my voice - and even to be surprised by how good I sound on certain moments. Here are some songs I'm singing (it's not me singing them...); they are so beautiful! :o)

Rusalka: Song to the Moon by Dvořák, sung by Anna Netrebko.

La Wally: Ebben ne andro lontana by Catalani, sung by Renee Fleming

Rachmaninov: Zdes Khorosho (How Fair This Spot), sung by Hibla Gerzmava

Rachmaniov: Ne poy, krasavitsa (Don't sing to me, beautiful maiden), sung by Youngok Shin

Soon, I'll be starting on some Verdi & Puccini arias. I'm very happy to be focusing on my singing talent right now. My teacher, Tammi, is incredible and has informed me that my voice classification is Spinto soprano which is exciting - they aren't as common as other sopranos. I was labeled as a Mezzo soprano when I first went to college, but with the knowledge of being a spinto - it has helped me to spread my wings and move up higher in my vocal range. I can now warm up to a high C and am singing musical pieces that go up to a high B. Very, very exciting! I never thought I was able to do that before and I'm thrilled about it. My range is actually quite large - larger than a typical spinto, even. I can sing from a B3 to a C6 (I think that's's been a while since theory 101 class, ha ha), so just over a 3 octave range. :o) Anyhow, I'm hoping to beef up my repetoire with the above pieces and move on to some more beautiful melodies. :o)


nicole said...

WOW! That is so exciting! Good for you Jill. It's always nice to feel that sense of progress and accomplishment. Keep it up!

Saquel25 said...

You're so very talented Jill. I hope that you will record your voice one of these days so I can still hear you sing from time to time. See you in the morning!

Steph said...

I am super impressed! What a wonderful, beautiful talent you have. I am sure it is very satisfying to be cultivating your talent and doing something that you love. Good for you!

Melisa said...

Beautiful songs, Jill! I think you are so talented. I'm glad you can develop it.

Rachel Teran. said...

I need your mailing address

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

Hey, I was looking a Nicole's blog and saw your name and I thought you were the choir director in church and you were the person i thought. So, I thought I would check out your blog. I have to say I think you have an Amazing voice! Oh by the way, this is Steph Puterbaugh ( I gave the talk on Last Sunday with my husband.) If you want to check out my blog it's

see ya sunday,