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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zinnias and Cantaloupe

Last summer I decided that I was going to plant some cantaloupe seeds (about 300) in one spot near our flower garden. When 300 sprouts came up in a 6 inch diameter - they were doomed for failure. Since then I have learned that you have to space them out for them to grow (why don't they teach you these things in biology?). This spring, we decided to make a "butterfly garden" for Anna consisting of zinnias (a type of flower) near the flower garden. So Tyler dug up all the grass and raked the area smooth before we all planted the zinnia seeds. 3 weeks later we found the zinnia seedlings AND some cantaloupe seedlings. (HUH?!) So, now we have zinnias and cantaloupe growing side-by-side. I think this trend will catch on quickly in the gardening world, don't you?

Today my awesome friend treated me to a birthday pedicure and manicure! I am so spoiled! Then we went to Fashion Bug and I bought a cute shirt for only $10! Then we went out with our families to a fabulous chinese buffet. It was so good! :o)

Maggie is feeling better - with plenty of energy that she has been storing up!

Anna's quote of the day: "Remember, I'm in first grade and first graders know stuff!"


Steph said...

How beautiful! I am super impressed you planted seeds...I always go w/ something that is already growing...less chance I'll kill it. ;)

nicole said...

Wow! Very impressive! Ours is pretty much a joke... but it's ok... it was my first attempt. ;) I thought your b-day was Sept. 1. Was this just an early celebration or am I wrong?

Alabama Apples said...

How beautiful! I'd love to have a garden! I AM jealous of your birthday fun!!! Anna made me laugh with her could always come back with "remember I'm mom and I know stuff!!"