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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cabin fever

I've got Cabin fever. Bad. It feels like this...

More of Anna's artwork - she's so cute!

One night my dad caught a firefly and he showed it to me and my friends were there and showed it to them too. And we swam in the pool and we had a firepit and we had smores and it was fun and we swung in the swings.

I love Anna's stories - they are so fun to read. She has quite the imaginative mind and is always creating stories or pictures. I liked to draw quite a bit when I was young - free-hand, mostly. I think that I had a natural ability in it - but I didn't ever take a class to improve. I sometimes wonder if I could have done anything with it. Naturally, I want for Anna to have that opportunity - we know someone who actually owns an art school nearby...if only it didn't cost so much. *sigh*

Tonight Tyler & I watched this movie. It was entertaining - I recommend it! :o)


Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

I love the movie Night at the Museum. I also really Like Michael Buble. Are you going to his concert at the Nutter Center? I'd like to go with my husband...we'll see. It's kinda expensive. If he doesn't take me to see him maybe he'll take me to the Trans Siberian Orchestra (which I LOVE) for a christmas present.

Sarah C said...

Anna story is so cute. I am sorry you have Cabin Fever. We should totally go out to lunch next week.

Melisa said...

I love his singing. Awesome.

If you need to get out and about, I here MI is beautiful this time of year. ;)

Tuan's Princess said...

Love the artwork!