Help outfit Michael, Sarah, and John

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today we spent almost the entire day helping my friend, Maria, set up her computer. This is her first computer and she has had no training or any classes in it whatsoever. Teaching her made me realize how much I know about computers. For example, I know that you need to push down the SHIFT button plus a letter to capitalize it. I didn't realize that this wasn't just second nature to people. And I couldn't remember how to say "push it down and hold it" in spanish, so I had to say something like, "Watch this. Now - do that!" How confusing. Poor girl. We bought everything on this website which is a great place to buy computer parts.

I bought some new solo music for church. I bought "Consider the Lilies," "How will they know," and "O Holy Night." I think I should mention that up until this point in my life - I have loathed the idea of singing "O Holy Night." As for the song itself - I think it's lovely. That's not the problem with it - I think it's because EVERYONE wants to sing it and because it seems that everyone (or perhaps just me) is waiting to hear that high note at the end. I decided I was going to overcome this dislike of a song, and what better way to do this than to sing it myself this year. Yes, so you can all suffer through it with me and wait to see how the high note is at the end. I know that's what I'll be doing.


Melisa said...

Let's here it for Tiger Direct! Yeah!

I love O Holy Night. Just trying to think of the note you were referring to gave me chills.

And you should have options for multiple votes. I tried. I can't pick just one thing in your poll :)

shannon said...

Ben C. has a cello/piano/voice arrangement--he thinks--for o holy night. you should get together with him on that song. it would be absolutely beautiful, silly!

nicole said...

You'll sing it beautifully. Good for you for challenging yourself! Go for it! There's no better place to develop your talent than at church anyway. (Because we all love you no matter what!) :)