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Monday, September 22, 2008

It only makes sense that

with being so busy with preparing to go to Ukraine that I should plan a latin dance 2 days before we fly out. Doesn't that seem appropriate? I love to dance, especially to latin dance. On Saturday, Tyler & I went to the temple with Nicole & her hubby. It's so wonderful to go to the Temple with friends. We had a great time!

And so, on the drive home Nicole & I were talking about latin dance clubs nearby. They all have bars in them, which isn't the kind of atmosphere that we want to be around. So the idea of going to the church in the gym and having our own dance came about...and before you know it - I'm planning a dance and inviting anyone in the ward/area who wants to come! I think it will be a lot of fun and will force me to be ready for the trip (if that's possible) at an earlier time than 3am the day of departure. Speaking of our departure, we finally bought our plane tickets!

Tonight we had a nice FHE on the song "To Think About Jesus". We went through both of the versus and talked about how important it is to think about Jesus Christ everyday - not just on Sundays. I think it went really well. We sang through the song a couple of times and then later on in the evening I heard Anna humming the song to herself. She is so musical and I hope that she will be able to strengthen her testimony of the gospel through music as I have done.


Melisa said...

Look at you planning dances! I still think a mystery dinner would have been fun!

Alabama Apples said...

Hooray for plane tickets! What a beautiful FHE, good idea. I can't believe you'd plan a latin dance-especially having to get ready for your trip!! How fun, though! You love to entertain, so I bet it will be fabulous.

Sarah C said...

I am so excited you have your tickets for Ukraine! Yeah! I am glad things went well with your temple trip and family home evening. You are a great mom.

Kathey said...

YAY for having your plane tickets. Your Latin dance sounds fun, and I suspect it will be a great stress reliever to have something to think about besides the trip. Good plan, I think.

Love, Kathey