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Monday, September 08, 2008

It's all about the bling, baby

So I weighed in this morning and lost another 3 pounds - that makes 11 pounds in 3 weeks. I'm so excited about it! (go me!) So, as I was getting ready for the day - I put my wedding rings on. And would you believe it? They fell right off my hand. I was like, "huh?!?" Apparently, I lost 11 pounds in my wedding I headed down to wal-mart (where all good jewelry is sold - everyone knows that, right?) and bought this $10 beauty:

Do you think it's big enough? The "diamond" is about the size of my thumbnail. Before I shopped for a nice (read: gawdy) ring, I checked my ring size. My real wedding ring is a size 8 - big, I know, but I have big hands - and today? I measured at 6 1/2. I guess I've lost 11 pounds and 1 1/2 ring sizes...who can say that, huh?

I took Maggie to the vet to have her sutures removed. Poor thing - she completely remembed that doctor's office and was trying to get out every chance she had. :o( I took Anna out of school early for an eye exam on-base. 2 hours later (I wish I was joking...) we learned that she has one slightly lazy eye - but that she's able to use it, which is good. Also - her eyesight is better than most kids her age. Bizarre. I was expecting to hear that she was needing glasses (with Tyler & I both needing them - I've just prepared myself for its eventual occurrence) so when he said her eyes were fine, no - above average, it was a surprise. Not that I'm complaining - I hope she never needs glasses! :o)

We had an exceptional FHE tonight on testimonies. (We've been slacking on our FHE's - mainly because Tyler has been at school for the past 1 1/2 years on monday's no excuse - I should have been doing them on my own...) We talked about five basic parts of a testimony: faith in God, Jesus Christ is our Savior, the scriptures are the word of God, Joseph Smith restored Christ's church on the earth, and President Thomas S. Monson is the prophet upon the earth today. Tyler went over these one-by-one with Anna and then we each took turns bearing our testimonies. Anna's testimony was beautiful - she remembered every single thing we talked about during our lesson and bore testimony of it. I am amazed at her ability to soak up what we teach her. I am blessed to be her Mama.


Melisa said...

Ooooo, love the bling bling! Way to go on the weight loss!

Kathey said...

So sweet about your FHE, and THE RING is a hoot. Way to go!

Love, K

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

love the ring! when My husband and i first got married we bought a CZ ring. It was about 2 fake carets in weight. LOL. everyone thought wow what a huge ring... and then we have our real rings now. Def not that big...there's no way we could have afford it! But, that's okay cuz now i have the ring i really wanted (and picked out). It has my birthstone in the middle and diamonds on each side of my birthstone (saphire). I have big hands too...even when i was skinnier (when I had my class ring done in HS) I had big fingers. have you thought about re-sizing ur wedding ring?

p.s. random question: do you know who kelly Carlin is and what she looks like? She's my VT partner and i'm a slacker and never contacted her (she hasn't either) and i was just curious if you knew her and what she looked like so I could possibly say hello to her at church on sunday.

nicole said...

Funny! Love the blingage! You're right... it really is amazing how much these kids absorb. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful fhe together. :)

jennifer said...

Congrats! Love the sparkler - be careful, you might get used to something that size on your hand and then Tyler will be in trouble. Ha ha!

Sarah C said...

Good job Jill! That's awesome!

shannon said...

Way to go Jill! It's not everyone who can say they lost 1 1/2 ring sizes!

On another note, have you ever noticed my lazy eye? I do have one and I have had it since I was about Anna's age. I do have to control it, but only a very few people have ever noticed it. So, if she's anything like me, she should be fine!