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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Runway model

Tonight I helped out at the Young Women's activity (a program at my church for young ladies ages 12-18, click here for more information): Project Runway. The goal of the evening was to focus on modest clothing. The girls dressed up in modest clothes (both casual and formal) and strutted their stuff down the runway. Do you recognize this model:

Yes, that's my daughter. She was there with me and wanted to show her moves on the catwalk. You should see this girl swing her hips - she's a natural! And that is terrifying, naturally.


Dirk and Trish said...

Wow! She looks all grown up. I guess I still expect her to look about 3. Don't tell her that part! :) Sounds like a great activity.

Melisa said...

You're in trouble. ;)

Tuan's Princess said...

I never understood how my sibblings could come home from college/mission and expect me to look the same age as when they left - until now! lol

She is so beautiful! Well - look at her parents! :oP

Alabama Apples said...

She's a cutie...quite the natural picture poser, too. It sounds like a fun and worthwhile activity.

Sarah C said...

She looks beautiful!