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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Random questions

What did you use to hang your clothes up to dry? I'm assuming that I won't have the radiators to help dry my clothes - I want to be prepared, just in case!

For those of you who used Aerosvit to fly to Ukraine - did they lose your luggage?

What did you wear on the plane? I'm concerned about my luggage missing that I'm considering wearing my SDA outfit - just so I'll have it for my appointment. Your thoughts?


Angela said...

Hi jill,
We never lost our luggage.
I took a traveling clothesline for our clothes to dry on. I was glad I had it! I am so excited for you! Keep me updated!

Diana said...

We had a washer, drying racks and irons available in Kiev. Once in region, our only option for accomodations was a hotel. We ended up purchasing a drying rack for about $15 USD and an iron for about the same price. We gave the drying rack to our driver and the iron to our facilitator. They were both thrilled. We tried the clothes line thng for a few days, but with a family of 3, and then 4 after our son moved in with is 3 weeks before we came home, we ran out of room on the line way before we ran out of laundry. It was worth the few bucks it took to get something where we could hang all the laundry in a compact space. It was also easier to put a mat and some towels under just the drying rack to contain the drips than it was to try and protect the wood floor in the hotel.

WEAR SOMETHING COMFY on the plane that you can sleep in and stand to sit in for 12+ hours...with a money belt strapped to you as well. I wore loose capris and a fashionable t-shirt and shoes I could kick on and off really quickly. Remember, you may well be wearing the same clothes you leave home in for 2+ days straight without a shower. We felt SOOO gross by the time we finally landed in Kiev. We were hot and sweaty and dirty from head to toe. A shower was definatley high on our priority list once we got settled into our flat (which was several hours after our arrival in Kiev)! If your luggage is lost, simply explain this to the SDA. They will understand and I promise, they have seen it before. They are, after all, humans too.

A better alternative to wearing your SDA outfit on the plane is to wear some descent looking, but still very comfy pants (even nice jeans would be fine) and pack an extra shirt, a change of undies, and travel size toiletries in your carry-on just in case.

Tami said...

We had the drying rack in each of our apartments. They work pretty well, but the best thing, by far, is the radiator. We've never tried the clothes line. That could work.
I second the suggestion to just wear whatever you're comfortable in. We ended up taking a second set of clothes in our carry-on, just in case.

smctiver said...

Hi Jill,

I wanted to wish you well in your travels to Ukraine. You've posted such great questions. I wouldn't have thought to ask most of them, but I'll sure be taking notes on the many great answers that your readers have given! We are also using AAC, but we'll be going to Uzbekistan to adopt 2 tween brothers...we are VERY anxious to travel.

Again, best wishes to you in your travels!


schoolmother said...

Our apartment had drying racks, iron, ironing board and radiators.

DoveFamily said...

We didn't take anything to hang up clothes, but the apartment had lines in the bathroom (over the tub) with clothes pins. And we had radiators, and we also used the ironing board to lay things out. With the [very very dry] heat on, our things dried quickly, typically less than 24 hours... including our jeans!

We flew Lufthansa, and never lost a bag. But like I told you before, pack SDA clothes in your carry-on, just in case! We went for comfort on the plane, and I dressed in a couple of layers (long sleeve shirt/sweater) in case I got hot/cold. It was still very warm at home when we left, so we looked ridiculous carrying our heavy wool coats through the airport, but they definitely came in handy when we landed in COLD Kyiv!

Julie said...

What about an extra set of clothes to take with you in your carry on? Could that be a possiblity if you do happen to have to go without your luggage?

Shelley said...

take a clothes line. Where you are going, you may end up in a hotel.

I recommend taking a change of clothes in your carry on and wearing something comfortable on the plane.

Our luggage made it safe and sound!We were on a direct flight from JFK to Kiev.

Winnie said...

Clothes line- just some heavy nylon type twine at quite a good length, at least 6-10 yards as you never know how you'll need to tie it up. There was a little entry way to our hotel room and we strung it between the two door hinges.

There were radiators in the room, but they were buried behind furniture and hard to lay clothes on.


McIsaac Family said...

Our luggage was lost for 4 days. We went to our appt. in the clothes we traveled in and there was no problem with it.

Courtney said...

We flew Aerosvit and didn't lose our luggage. It helps that there are no connections between JFK and KBP. I wore one of my pairs of slacks on the plane, but they are super comfortable and I knew I'd be able to sleep in them. They also don't wrinkle! :) I wouldn't worry about what you wear to your SDA appointment. We never took our coats off (we were there in December) so no one could see what I had on anyway! LOL

We had a combination washer/dryer in our apartment. It's one machine that washes the clothes and then dries them without you ever taking them out. It worked pretty well once I figured out how to use it. :)