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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Court date

Our court date was yesterday in Artemovsk. I was concerned that having our adoption court date on Halloween was a bad omen, but everything went splendidly! The court session was about 30 minutes long and the judge was a VERY nice man. Some of the things that happened: they made sure our names were correct on the paperwork and the names of our children were correct, then asked Tyler about his occupation, annual income, religious convictions, and our ability to care for these children medically. At the end, my translator asked the judge if he wanted to hear me sing. He said he would and I sang "Zdes Khorosho" for him. It was probably the very best I have ever sung the song, which pleased me to no end. I didn't video it because it wasn't allowed, since we were in court. He seemed to enjoy it and those in the court told me how nice it was. There were even some people in the hallways that wanted to know who was singing. My translator said it was probably the first time ever that someone had sung for the judge. :o) The most important thing of all? Keith & Kristina are 99% ours! We have the 10 day waiting period and then it's legal! WOO-HOO! :o)

We've been meeting with Keith and that has been going well. His caretakers told us that he is progressing very fast lately. Yesterday he stood up in his crib (unassisted) and grabbed the baby powder on the changing table (right next to his crib) and squeezed out the baby powder ALL over the table! The caretakers were thrilled with the fact that he stood up with no help at all - it's easy to see how much they care for him. The orphanage director asked if I would email her videos of Keith walking on his own, once he learns to do it. I am happy that Keith has received so much love from these women throughout his life.

Yesterday the Russian Orthodox priest came to the orphanage and baptized ALL of the orphans (except Keith - in the LDS church, children are baptized when they are 8 years old, when they are old enough and accountable). It was interesting because along with the priests came the Kozacks - a group of men that looked military in their uniforms, but we were informed that they aren't military - but a group of men focused on the community. Perhaps like Kiwanis club? I'm really not sure - does anyone know who the Kozacks are?

Someone mentioned that I can bring my laptop into the internet cafe here in Artemovsk and can access the internet that way. If so, I hope to upload some videos/pictures soon. We met a couple from Mexico today at the orphanage. They are young, catholic, and are adopting a sibling group of 5 children, ages: 6, 5, 3, & 2 year-old twins! They are about to be VERY busy! Who would imagine that I would be speaking spanish in Ukraine! It was nice to be able to speak SOMETHING, though. The language barrier can be frustrating. Today we went to an outdoor market and I bought a really cute hat and then we stopped at a place selling doughnuts - can you believe that make them here?!? However, once I got up to the stand, I couldn't tell the woman what I wanted. I had to point to another person who had just bought doughnuts to tell her what I wanted and then she asked me a question - but I had no clue what she was saying...sheesh. We managed to get away with 3 doughnuts for 30 cents total! (and they were tasty, too!)

I want to thank those who have been caring for my sweet Anna girl, especially Michele. Thank you so much!!! And I want to tell my daughter, Anna, how much I miss her! Did you have a fun Halloween? I can't wait to see some pictures of you in your costume. Did you enjoy trick-or-treating? How much candy did you get? I surely do miss you! Love, ~Mama~


Saquel25 said...

Well I am so glad that it is almost all over and the children are yours. You must be so relieved. 10 days is not so long and after a few days of being back in the States it will all start to feel like a dream as you get on with the business of raising the kids and being a family. I'm looking forward to those pictures. Love ya xxx

Diana said...

Congratulations!!! Ok, singing for the judge is almost as good as being invited to his home for dinner. Enjoy the rest of the journey.

jennifer said...

Congratulations, Jill! Sounds like a wonderful experience.
BTW, your hat is adorable!