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Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's picture time, baby

3 hours on the computer and here we go: The celebration of "FALL" at Kristina's orphanage in Mariupol.
Fun with Kristina outside! The children in her "groupa" flocked to us whenever we were around them. It was fun, but sad at the same time. I hope they can find a family for each of them.

Note the hideous puffy shirt on the bottom right of this collage. She wore this shirt on the day we had her passport pictures taken. I assumed that her passport picture would only show her face, like mine does. However, when we picked up the pictures later - it showed down to her shoulders. So this not-so-pretty shirt will be on her passport for the next few years...nice.

Our trip to see the Azoz Sea with the sister missionaries. The bottom right picture displays just SOME of the 2 liter bottles of water that we went through in one week's time in Mariupol. You can't drink the water here in Ukraine, and we Americans, love to drink water...

Above pictures show us getting "SHARMA": the tasty chicken wrap in Mariupol. The bottom two pictures show a ship memorial near the Azoz Sea. The Azoz Sea runs into the Black Sea.
Pictures of our hotel. How do you like the laundry web that Tyler came up with to dry our clothes? Nice, eh?

Top left: FHE at Mama Bigoon's house. Top right: Borscht made by this Sister missionary for us. Bottom: Ingredients to make No-bake cookies.

Above: pictures of Keith and his orphanage in Artemovsk. Such a cutie!

Top picture: me singing to Kristina's "groupa". Kristina is the girl in the pink shirt on the floor listening. Bottom picture: Oksana, our interpreter, with 2 children from the "groupa". You may notice that all of the children rotate in the clothing. No child owns any clothing and they don't have any problem with dressing a boy in girl's clothing or the other way around.

The outside of Kristina's orphanage, plus pictures of Kristina in a pretty red dress - what a doll!

Top left: notice the trees with the white on the bottoms - apparantly it's used to keep bugs off the trees. Top right: a hat I bought in the open market. What do you think? Is it me? Bottom left: Tyler standing with a Kozack on the day the Russian Orthodox priest came to baptize the orphans in Keith's orphanage. Bottom right: the candy we bought on Halloween from the store. We had to celebrate, right?

We bought some cereal: Nesquik! Tyler has found some white chocolate long cookies that he enjoys. What do you think of our bagged strawberry ice cream?

Above is Yl'ana! Isn't she adorable? She is 16 and I hope to bring her to the US as a foreign exchange student. The group picture is of Yl'ana's grandpa, brother, the missionaries and me.
Above is the brand new church building in Donets'k. It was just dedicated the week before the District Conference that we attended. Here is the bus we rode in to get there from Mariupol. It takes an hour by taxi, but by bus it took 2 hours...

Hotel in Artemovsk. This toilet doesn't have a button on top, but a knob that you pull up to flush.


Charissa said...

It's wonderful to see your pictures finally! Thanks for sharing them! Sure brings back some fond memories seeing Orphanage #13!!

Heather said...

Thanks for the pics! And I love your hat!! I just got one similar. :) The kids are soo adorable! I want to see more pics. Yury wants to know if Tyler switched his wedding ring to his right hand? So do all the girls in the orphanage wear their hair short? Will Kristina grow hers out when you get home? I'm so excited to meet the kids! So, will you have to be alone when Tyler leaves and before your in laws come, or will they overlap? Will you be ok and safe with Tyler gone? I want you to come home!! Looks like you're having fun though! Love you!

Valerie said...

FANTASTIC! I absolutely loved all of the pictures! Really makes me miss Ukraine!

I still haven't been able to add minutes to my Skype account, but Richard thinks he might be able to do a "conference call" like we have done previously once he is back in the office on Monday. When is Tyler heading home? If you'd like, we can walk him through getting Skype set up at home so it will be less expensive for you to talk while you are still over there.

traceyroxanne said...

I so admire your courage-your journey has been amazing. I'm so happy for you and your family and in awe of how you are making this all happen. Congratulations!

RML said...

Thank you SOOO much for sharing your photos and journey. I am also looking forward to see the two "invalids" blossom at home! What a beautiful family!


Diana said...

Love the pictures! They bring back a LOT of memories!!

allthenewsthatfits said...

The hat is definitely you! I love it.

I'm glad you were able to sing for the judge; it is something you will always remember.

We all look forward to seeing you and meeting the kidlets.

La Familia Rivas said...

Jill and Tyler,
I had heard about your adoption a long time ago from Heather. Today while looking on facebook, I saw your blog. My husband and i began reading and read for about two hours. We are so excited for you and amazed by your strength and commitment, and faith. You are inspiring, we will be praying for your family. The other day a friend told me there is a company that will turn your blog into a book/keepsake. I think it would be great if your blog became a book, it is such an interesting journey you have been through and the kids will love to read it someday. I will look into and let you know how if you would email address is I am trying to start a blog but, I am new at it and it isn't going yet. Good luck, God bless and we will be following your blog. Love, Bonnie and Spencer Rivas (Heather's mission comp)

Arizona mom to eight said...

I was very happy to read the updates on your blog, congratulation on successful adoptions. The pictures were precious!

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Your little guys are soooo precious. It looks as if you are making memories that will last a lifetime. I pray your court appointment goes well.

Diana said...

I couldn't resist! You've been tagged over on my blog. :-)

Carina said...

Such cute pictures! I'm so grateful to hear that the adoption is all but finalized. I hope to meet these kids someday!

LIN said...

I love all your pictures, a neat format. Your kids are so cute, congrats!!! Looks like you are having a good time, I get a kick out of your food pictures.