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Thursday, November 20, 2008

We made it

We are home! Hooray! We left Ukraine on Tuesday at 1pm and arrived in New York on Tuesday at 5pm. It's funny how the time changes are in international travel, eh? We arrived at 5pm and went through lots of customs and other checkouts, which seemed to last forever! We left the airport in a rental van around 9pm. My father-in-law, Richard, suggested that we drive all night instead of stopping for a hotel. I was eager to be home, so I agreed and ended up driving from 3am to 7am and only got 2 hours of sleep in the van (not while I was driving, though) and I didn't sleep on the plane from Ukraine at all. I mainly tried to keep Keith (Nikita) occupied. On the plane I fed him twice and he threw up twice. Poor little guy. I guess it was motion sickness or something. He slept pretty well on the drive, but Kristina was another story - she didn't sleep on the plane and slept about 30 minutes on the drive, plus we both stayed up all day yesterday and didn't sleep until bedtime. Needless to say - I was EXHAUSTED when I went to bed last night. But it was worth it to drive straight through the night - I was eager to see my hubby, daughter, house, and my puppy, Maggie.

The kids are adjusting quite well, even better than I imagined that they would. Anna had been throwing up for the past few days, so she was especially snuggly when I got home - I didn't mind that at ALL. I was amazed at how much bigger Anna is than the kids. I know you want to see pictures, but I haven't taken any. yet. don't worry. I will take some. I promise. Anna isn't the only sick one here - Kristina finally succumbed to the CHICKEN POX. If I wasn't on house arrest - I am now. She has red bumps all over and it's difficult to communicate to her (in English) that she shouldn't scratch them. Anyone know the Russian for "Don't scratch?" She is handling it like a real champ, though. It's not getting in the way of her extremely positive personality. However, the chicken pox will prevent visitors and probably will keep me home on Sunday so no one else will catch it from her.

My in-laws are wonderful people and it's been great having them here. Since next week is Thanksgiving, we decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner early since my mil, Melanie, fil, Richard, and sil, Tisha, are here. Anna also requested to put up the Christmas decorations since her grandparents are here. So we're doing that, too. Right now a 20 pound turkey is in the oven, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes are ready to be baked and 3 cream pies are in the fridge (chocolate cream, banana cream, & coconut cream - didn't have time/energy to make pumpkin, I'll make that next week, don't worry) plus I'm about to make rolls, green bean casserole, corn and gravy once the turkey is done. I highly recommend brining your turkey this year. So that is the latest with us. Thanks for hanging in there - I'll try to get some pictures up soon. :o)


Carina said...

WELCOME HOME!!! I'm glad things seem to be going well! Great timing on Kirstina's part...I'm sorry she has the chicken pox. If I knew Russian, I'd help you out! That Thanksgiving dinner smells super yummy...can't wait for ours. Have a good one!

Courtney said...

Holy cow! You are certainly staying busy!! :)

I would just mime scratching and tell her "nyet" when you see her do it. She'll probably still scratch (most kids do when they itch!) but she'll know what you mean anyway.

Congrats again on being HOME!! :D

Amanda Jones said...

Welcome home! How wonderful! You are a busy mommy for sure! :)

I'm sorry to hear Kristina has the chicken pox - but boy am I glad that you didn't get stuck in Ukraine with them.

I can't wait to see some pictures.

Amanda (RR)

jennifer said...

Welcome home!!!

Sorry to hear that you have sicky-poo's at your house. I hope that doesn't mean you can't come to Twilight tonight!

Katya Bukowski said...

"Don't scratch" in Russian is "Nye cheshi". I was following your blog and very happy that you made it home safe and everyone is adjusting well so far. Thanks for sharing your journey.

If you need any help with russian please feel free to email me at (Russian is my native language).

Katya (newer member of RR).

mixednutsblog said...

Welcome back! I guess we won't be seeing you at the party tonight. It may not be all bad that you won't be able to come to church on Sunday--that gives the kids a bit more time to adjust to home before all of the stimulation of a bunch of people who are excited to meet them.

Get some rest!

Lively Luckinbills said...

Welcome back, happy adjusting!

Diana said...

Yeah! Welcome Home!!!

I must say, though, you have way more energy than I did my first few days home!! For about a week, everything was completely surreal and my head was swimming and I was completely and utterly exhausted to my very core - mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. I didn't even unpack the souveniers from Ukraine for at least a month after we got home.

You will be amazed at how quickly they start speaking English...and how quickly their Russian will be completely gone. Full emersion is the way to go, but having a translator come by maybe once a week for a few weeks is wonderful, too.

Even though it's no fun, count the chicken pox as a blessing. Keeping the kids world very small and quiet for a while is definatley a good thing.

Enjoy your mock Thanksgiving and getting to know your new babies!

Winnie said...

Welcome home and congrats! Glad to know your home safe and sound if you are a little itchy.

Like Diana said you have way more gumption than I arriving home, I don't think I was on an even keel for a few weeks, couldn't have strung together a spaghetti meal much less all the fixings for a thanksgiving meal.

Don't over do, rest, and keep the itchys away.

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

congratulations!! you made it back with both your darlings, alive and well (for the most part)

i would love to know how long the process took from beginning to end. i found your blog informative and i value your input.

thanks again and welcome home!

Kathey said...

WELCOME HOME! Wow what a trip. What time did you actually get home? Driving all night with that many drivers was probably the best way to do it--just get it over with.

I'm sorry about the chicken pox, but if she had to get them the timing was perfect. Heavenly Father was indeed watching out for you.

Glad you made it!

traceylynndel said...

Try Nilzah. it is more like don't touch or leave it alone. It was a very common word here when we brought Katya home. She touched everything.


Kerry Shealy said...

Welcome home! It has been great following your journey! Congratulations on your two new little ones. I'm so glad the chicken pox stayed away until you got home. That is certainly an answer to prayer!
Kerry RR

Rita Andrews said...

Praise the Lord you are home!!! So glad that the chicken pox held out until you reached USA soil though!!! They wouldnt have let you on the plane i dont think. so glad you made it and the kids seem to be doing well.

WELCOME our newest US citizens!


DoveFamily said...

Welcome home! And by the way, you have WAY too much energy to have just come home :)

I hope Kristina's pox go away soon. I would use "neelZAH", it's a much firmer version of nyet, kind of like saying "it's forbidden". That might help :)

nicole said...

Woo-hoo! You made it! What a relief it must be to finally be HOME! We're excited to meet your new little sweeties. :)

Sarah C said...

I am glad you made it home safe. I am sorry Anna and Kristina are sick. I hope they get feeling better soon. You are making an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. If I were in your situation I think Thanksgiving dinner would be Pizza this year. You are awesome. I am glad your in-laws are here to help you. I am sure Anna is really excited to spend time with them.

Lilola said...

WOW, what a saga.... It is just amazing! Great timing on the pox, but my daughter's return from her mission as delayed two weeks because of chicken pox! A delay would have been awful. And what a great family you have for support. Welcome home!